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Outreach Co-ordinators: Julie Rawlings and Louise Leeson




The outreach service utilises the knowledge and skills of teachers and staff working at Dorothy Goodman School including Cleveland House and their experiences of working with children and young people with a range of learning needs including autism.

Please find below information about the Outreach Support available from Dorothy Goodman School which includes Cleveland House.


The aims of outreach support are to:

  • Support mainstream schools in meeting the needs of children and young people with learning difficulties which are outside their usual experience

  • Help teachers and teaching assistants feel more confident in their day-to-day work in the classroom and promote a climate of success.

  • Build this confidence through being able to talk to, observe and work alongside skilled practitioners from special school settings.


Who can access outreach?

The outreach service is available to all schools/educational settings in the local area. Pupils referred for such support are those who challenge the confidence and skills of teachers and support staff as a result of their special educational needs.


How much does it cost?

The initial visit is free (up to half a day) and strategies, advice and casework will be discussed. After each visit a Summary of Support with clear success criteria will be completed by the outreach worker and sent to the Headteacher/SENCo of the mainstream school. Mainstream schools will need to use their own resources to release staff to work with our staff.


Further work

After the initial visit there are packages of support that schools can access at a cost:


½ day:  £125.00

1 day:   £250.00

2 days:  £400.00


This can include bespoke packages which could consist of a combination of:

CPD, individual casework, further intervention to support the initial request and SEND reviews to inform next steps and inform school development plans.


Informal support and advice is also available – please feel free to phone or email us if there is anything you would like to discuss.  We are here to help!!


We are always looking for ways to further develop partnerships between Dorothy Goodman and mainstream schools.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch if we can support in any other way.


Messages of thanks:


“We have used the Sensory Circuits planning and advice to create Sensory Circuit planned time for 2 high needs pupils in lower year groups with ASD/ADHD combined diagnosis who struggled to settle into school in the mornings - which has worked successfully.”


“I would rate 1 (excellent support) for overall advice and support especially with the follow up reports as well as the Sensory Circuit planning/advice”.


I would rate 1 (excellent support) for the child specific advice verbally, as we were really struggling with SC Yr 2, who is high functioning ASD/ADHD as he could not maintain his attention or stay in class.  


“The advice made absolute sense which along with medication has made an outstanding difference.”


“Staff gave some very good advice when I attended the CDP session for Access Arrangements this term and further advice on how to receive training on Colourful Semantics - another area we're interested in.”


“Thank you for all your help and advice, This is an extremely valuable service.”


“We look forward to working with you all in the next academic year.”


“When staff visited, they had a great understanding of how our setting worked and how R operated within our setting. The success of the basket has been brilliant and we have found the advice has had an impact on R's readiness to engage- it made us think clearly about how we motivated R and gave her opportunities to rehearse, repeat and practice learning.” 


“They have said the visit to Dorothy Goodman was useful in the sense it showed them that EW is in the right setting. The actual visit from your staff into our school was really helpful as they suggested strategies for adapting work, how to adapt the classroom and teacher expectations. Very practical ideas which they have been able to implement immediately.”


“The support and advice that Dorothy Goodman staff provided regarding JS was invaluable.  Their recommendations and advice was relevant to the child and the challenges being faced currently.  Staff at school welcomed the offer of someone from Dorothy Goodman to observe; some of the recommendations and strategies being used e.g. sensory circuits and developing reading alongside Makaton.  Staff feel much more confident in how they are developing the provision moving forwards into Year 1, particularly since visiting Dorothy Goodman.”


“Thank you so much for the support you have given us this year.  I don't think we could have achieved what we have without you.”




Outreach Request Form 2020-2021