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World Book Day: Thursday 3rd March


World Book Day: Thursday 3rd March
Please find below details of the events going on in school during World Book Day and also details how you can help your child join in with the fun.
Key stage 1 (1DH, 1LC)
We are asking parents to send in their child dressed as their favourite nursery rhyme character, maybe Red Riding Hood or even the wolf. While in school the pupils will be using role play to act out scenes from the story and the class teachers will film the pupils and they can watch themselves back, just like they are in a movie!! This will link in with the text the pupils will be looking at this term so hopefully allow the pupils to really get to know the characters. Thanks in advance for your support.
Key Stage 2 (2LD, 2JR, 2HD, 2TS, 2KN)
These pupils will be looking at Disney's ‘The Lion King’ and learning about African animals. We therefore thought it would be great if you could send your child in dressed as a character from the Lion King. In school the pupils will be taking photos to create freeze frames of sections from the story. We can then use these during lessons and hopefully upload some on to the website. This gives the pupils chance to think about the actions of the characters and link it with the predator and prey Science topic. It sounds like fun there and there are lots of animals to choose from: lions, of course, zebras, hyenas, elephants, giraffes and lots more. You could always make your own mask, thank you in advance for your support.
Key Stage 3
As part of World Book Day Key Stage 3 will spend the day exploring the texts that they will be working on during next half term. 3TO, 3CM and 3SR will be working on 'The Lost Thing' by Shaun Tan. 3LP & 3RK will be working on 'The Lost Thing,' and 'Darkside' by Tom Becker. Redmoor students may like to bring in anything to do with vampires and werewolves e.g. masks, tshirts, toy figures etc. Students may like to bring in bottle tops and any items to do with the beach e.g. buckets and spades, beach balls etc.
KS4/5 (Upper)
In English, all students are currently studying ‘Lord of the Flies’. They are discovering how everybody is capable of good and evil. We’re inviting students to come dressed as ‘schoolboys turned savage’ (think ripped shirts, ties as bandanas and camouflage paint!) During their English lessons, they will be taking part in drama activities focusing on a crucial point in the plot – on the desert island that the boys in the story have crash landed on, they have a late night feast with a roasted pig, where one boy stumbles into the wrong place… These activities will include freeze frames, tribal chants and also consider how peer pressure can be positive or negative.