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Shakespeare Schools Festival


A message from Lauren …an amazing day yesterday at The Curve. There were so many great moments but Finn telling the audience to 'come back next year to watch Macbeth 2' and Jack telling her 'it was the best day ever,' told me how much the whole experience had meant to them all.


A message from Mrs Thompson ...As an audience member it was fantastic to see our young people being so confident while enjoying acting such a great story. They made the story very clear. We could hear their lines well as the spoke very clearly and Gemma and Mia used their communication aids accurately. Their speeches were supported by some wonderful movements. The feedback for our performers from the festival director for the Curve was super. He mentioned how confident they were and what great composure they had on stage. He commented on how the actors owned every word and was especially impressed with the witches scream. He talked about how well they created the dark atmosphere of Macbeth using their voices and movement ensuring the audience understood a scary world. They worked extremely well together as a company and sold the story to the audience showing how the characters felt, who held the power, in summary they were ‘great story tellers and amazing actors’. We couldn’t ask for more than that – well done to all involved but especially our children and young people!