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Notice of Parent Governor Election



Notice of Parent Governor Election


To: All parents/guardians eligible to vote for parent governors at DOROTHY GOODMAN SCHOOL


Date:  6th October 2017

Notice of Parent Governor Election – Request for Nominations

There is one vacancy to be filled on this occasion.  

This place is reserved for a parent/guardian of a child attending 


If you are interested in being nominated as a candidate or wish to propose someone, please request a Nomination Pack from the school office or email




then complete and return to me the Nomination Form together with the 

Parent Governor Appointment Form by


End of day on Friday 27th October 2017

Any nominations received after this date will not be included in the election.


Candidates may wish to submit a brief election statement (not more than 250 words) giving autobiographical details and such other information and views as they feel may be appropriate.  It must not indicate that the candidate is endorsed or supported by any group or association.  The election statement will be included with the ballot paper.



If you have any queries or would like further information about being a parent governor, please speak to me.


Janet Thompson