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July's EmployAbility Newsletter


Only 6.8 per cent of students with learning disabilities are likely to get paid employment according to UK Government data – and this is something we feel needs to change.


Employability works by giving interns experience working in a number of roles within a company. Job Coaches from the school work with the business to learn the roles, then support the students to do the work, before gradually stepping back and letting the interns do the job for themselves. The hope is that eventually the interns can get a permanent role with the company or other local employers, but if that’s not possible they will have gained a wealth of works skills and personal confidence that boosts their job prospects. 


Cadent: Your Gas Network


Since 2013 Cadent (Previously National Grid) have worked with us and Oakwood School in partnership and it has seen incredible results, with an average of 60% of interns gaining paid employment either with us or with other local companies, far better than that national average of 6.8%.

Dorothy Goodman currently has four students taking part in the intern programme at Cadent working across several different departments including data control, customer services, catering and customer liaison. As with previous interns they are settling into work life well, managing the transition from school to work life and the different expectations that come with a workplace.



Cadent Employability


Although aimed at their internal departments this Cadent employability video demonstrates the benefits of the Employability programme to all businesses.


We are always looking for open minded and forward thinking businesses to offer our young people work experience, volunteering, and internship opportunities. If you would like further information please contact Sue Whawell on 01455 634582 or at Susan.Whawell@DorothyGoodman.leics.sch.uk