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Head's Blog - Janet Thompson

Virtual Home Learning 

Congratulations to everyone who has accessed home learning so far – it has been lovely to see so many pupils joining their classes or lessons by Google meet. It has also been good to see the work pupils are completing at home, copies or photos of which have been sent in to school. The imagination of some of the staff on how to make our work including sensory stories work virtually has been amazing and thank you to all parents for your help gathering the items needed!

Festive Jumpers for Save the Children


Christmas jumper day and there have been many other highlights this week as well – lots of Christmas activities going on and I am looking forward to hearing all the recordings of the Christmas songs!

With only one more week to go of an ‘interesting’ term - I would like to thank all of you for your support this term when complying with the Covid19 guidance to keep everyone as safe as we can. Also thank you to so many of you for helping your child access remote learning when they had to isolate. The pupils have once again been amazing in their resilience and positive returns to school after isolations etc.

Woodwork Wonders


The DIY group at Middlefield Lane have been working very independently and safely - measuring, sawing and sanding with Kieran and Joseph W using the tools to make their wood smooth, whilst Josh W had measured his piece and was using the line he had drawn to saw the wood to the right size. Cole was finishing off his notice board using sandpaper and they were all really clear about what they needed to do and using the equipment such as clamps to ensure their work was safe.

Other pupils were planting garlic bulbs so that they could grow their own and just needed reminding about how long it would take before they could use it! Jupiter class have been working hard on their phonics, when Kelly joined them this week she was very impressed with their sounds and seeing how much they were persevering with their writing even when they found it hard.

Apollo's got talent


It has been lovely to see the engagement of so many of the pupils via the remote learning. In Key Stage 3 it was good to hear how well the pupils are responding to being online and Lillibeth shared with Sarah the learning that she had done with Danielle during the morning live session. Amelia F and mum really enjoyed the sensory story while Emily P had a 4:1 Maths session one morning. The staff are getting creative and Apollo’s got talent will take place today so we are looking forward to seeing how that goes!

Sensory Exploration and Jumping Penguins!


I hope you are well and managing the new lockdown arrangements. I would like to thank the parents and carers of pupils in Neptune and Saturn whose children unfortunately have to isolate due to a confirmed case in this bubble. The engagement with remote learning has been super to see and I would like to thank parents for facilitating a google meet with staff and pupils to do some work together virtually. Within school, the pupils are also all working hard and this week I was privileged to observe work in Apollo class all about Antarctica and learnt lots of new facts including that some penguins can jump 5 feet high! It was also good to work with other pupils learning that polar bears are from the arctic North and penguins live in the Antarctic South. Yesterday I spent time in Lions and what a super session. They were exploring loud and quiet, stop and go with sounds. Different activities, engaging different pupils so that they were all focused and learning. Some pupils were very motivated by the sensory exploration of sound and light, anticipating the next sounds, others working out how sounds can portray different emotions. However I think the most popular was the group drum stop and go outside. So many lovely interactions between children to observe. I hope you all have a good weekend.

Virtual Harvest Festival and Expert Baking


We have had some lovely Harvest events across school this week. In Key Stage 3 pupils have been creating harvest pictures and carving pumpkins – some wonderful creations …they included a Frankenstein cat by Alexie and Pumpkin king which Max made by putting the cut out mouth on the top! In Athena they were busy making skeleton pictures using cut up cotton buds – these were definitely the pupils’ own work - Lewis explained how he had made his and which bones he had shown. In Poseidon Ishan had organised the features accurately on the picture pumpkin face by himself and Euan G was putting all his effort into scraping the innards out of the pumpkin.


All this activity culminated in a joint Harvest Assembly by google hangout – sharing their harvest experiences between Kites, Owls, Athena, Apollo and Poseidon – Cassie and Apollo pupils were especially excited to see the friends who moved over to Redmoor after half term on their big screen so keeping to one person speaking at a time was a real struggle! PJ from Athena was so excited to see his friends on the big screen he popped next door to Apollo to check they knew he was really there as well! In Key Stage 4 Kelly and I were very privileged to be invited to judge the Hercules bake off. The bakers were very proud of their creations and the harvest display looked lovely. Some super bakes – Thomas K was judging his favourites by the rise of the bread. I went for the unique look and Kelly was judging by the quality of the bake (that was definitely too technical for me!). All were very good examples of expert baking by the young people and it really was difficult to choose. There were many other examples throughout the school which I am sure you will enjoy reading about later in this newsletter

Amazing Staff and Pupils


The last week of half term. Time seems to have flashed by and we have seen so much progress across the school. New pupils have settled in well and learnt the routines of school life. Returning pupils have enjoyed working in their class and key stage pods. Staff, once again, have been amazing at ensuring our pupils are kept safe, supported and taught well during these difficult times. Last Saturday we had a staggered open day for families whose child will be starting or moving schools next August. Both our primary and secondary bases were open for appointments. The staff had done a super job of setting out how classrooms looked during lessons and showing examples of different ways in which we help pupils to learn. Our pupils’ work was displayed and all of us in the senior team were proud of what our pupils achieved. We are also proud of how flexibly the teachers plan learning so that it meets everyone’s needs as well as challenging pupils to be the best they can be – this was shown so well in the work books and photos. We also had some video/photo clips of work at the school running on screens which will soon be shared on our website. We received lots of positive comments from the visitors. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our children and young people and we are looking forward to holding another similar event during an evening in January.

Garden Tour and Secondary Independence


At the start of the week I had a lovely visit to Richmond and really enjoyed seeing the learning that was going on including a tour of the garden area that is being looked after by the pupils. 

Later in the week, I was so impressed with how independent the young people have become. Key Stage 4 waiting while others use the hand gel before going in. Key Stage 5 has a long route round the side of the building and many have needed guiding around for some time. It has become obvious how much they have learned and those who in the past have always needed someone with them, have become so much more independent.

Developing independence for our sixth formers


At Middlefield Lane the young people are working hard towards developing many independent skills and big congratulations to Katie G who achieved her food hygiene certificate level 2. The dinners they are cooking look and smell extremely good and their professionalism when serving is excellent to see. This week the PE group at HollyCroft Park was not just about the activities once there but also about developing the young peoples’ independence in getting there and as Leo said it is all about trust. One group was using the ping pong table, whilst Adam was focusing on using his cane whilst out and about in the community. When the shopping group returned they explained about using the card to pay for the shopping and how had got everyone’s dinner for a really good price! It is great to see such independence being promoted and developed.

Pictures being sent in during COVID-19


Thank you to those who have been sending us examples of work and activities being undertaken at home, we have started sharing those we have permission for on Facebook so keep them coming! It is lovely to see lots of constructive ideas to keep pupils busy and calm. The pupils at school have also been creating supportive rainbows and having fun with various activities. Pupils returning to school

COVID-19 Update week 2


I hope you are all coping in these difficult times and don’t forget if you are struggling please contact school and we will see if we can help you. If we can’t help we may be able to suggest where you can access this help. We have a range of websites, links to resources etc. within the newsletter which we hope will help you keep a structure and routine for your child. For some pupils we have also provided a personalised timetable based on the school day. If you think this would be useful please ask your teacher when they next make contact. We have a new social story which may help some of you explain the situation to your child. It has to be personalised so if you would like one of these please ask your teacher when they make their next phone call with you. The pupils who have been attending have been coping extremely well with a very different ‘school’. The weather has helped as they have been able to access outdoors a great deal of the time. I would like to pass on special thanks to all the staff who have been amazing in their willingness to support your young people during this difficult time. Information about Easter break cover for key workers etc. will be sent out individually as we are still waiting to hear from transport. Stay safe and well. Janet

COVID-19 update 


At these very difficult times thank you for your messages of support. We understand things are very anxious for your families. I have a meeting (via phone) with the local authority and will send information out as soon as possible! The latest guidance is: 1. If it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be. 2. If a child needs specialist support, is vulnerable or has a parent who is a critical worker, then educational provision will be available for them. 3. Parents should not rely for childcare upon those who are advised to be in the stringent social distancing category such as older grandparents, friends, or family members with underlying health conditions. 4. Parents should also do everything they can to ensure children are not mixing socially in a way which can continue to spread the virus. They should observe the same social distancing principles as adults. 5. Residential special schools, boarding schools and special settings continue to care for children wherever possible. 6. We have included links to work packs in this newsletter. These are available to you in separate Key Stages. If you need some paper copies please let us know and we will arrange to send some things out to you. We wish you all the best and hope everyone stays well - we will be keeping in touch with you.

New friends at DG!


Some super playing in our outside space in EYFS/KS1 this week. Lots of new environments to explore and experience much to the delight of the pupils. At secondary we welcome two new members to the school community courtesy of the animal care pathway. Pictures of the guinea pigs are within the newsletter and a ballot for names is taking place currently. Following a letter asking me to be able to have the guinea pigs. The animal care pathway have costed it all out and planned the feeding rotas etc. We have undertaken a full risk assessment for allergies etc. The pupils in the pathway have worked hard to get everything ready and I look forward to following how our new pets adapt to their new environment! We continue to follow public health and government guidance about actions related to the Coronavirus situation. Any updates or changes will be sent out via our website, social media and school comms. I have attached the letter sent out earlier this week again in this newsletter.

Creative week and World Book Day


We have had a very successful creative week this week with some very imaginative work going on. Yesterday judging the door decorations - animals for primary and Fantastic beats for secondary gave us a tricky choice but it was lovely to see so many different ideas. Yesterday lots of pupils and staff dressed up for World Book Day - I did not recognise a few until looking carefully past the face makeup! I did not know there were so many animal costumes around but thankfully the sharks and lions were still happy to cooperate with the rabbits and mice! The pupils have worked hard throughout the creative sessions as well as the rest of the week so I hope they can have a good rest this weekend.

Welcome back


Well an interesting start to the half term … At secondary we had some visiting horses in the car park, causing great excitement for the pupils. Thankfully they came with us as staff moved them back to the fields and Ian our new premises officer at secondary walked a long way in the rain to ensure they stayed in a field! The pupils have been working hard all week and I have seen some amazing memory games and drama rehearsals as well as some super English and communication work. We are all looking forward to world book day next week. I hope you have a good weekend.

The end of the half term 


This week has been our FUN Maths week. The practical activities have been a huge success with the pupils. At secondary there has been a murder mystery crime scene set up in the sensory room, where cracking codes and solving clues were very popular. Making millionaires shortbread in the food tech room and the science room was set up as a bank with all the clues and games linked to money (£50 notes were very popular!) At primary in the sensory room a Pirate ship adventure sensory story where pupils were searching for coins in the sand, jelly and water as well as counting treasure. In the food tech room pupils were making tropical punch, measuring different liquids and experimenting with full and empty. Pirate Treasure Trails were set up around the school using treasure maps, clues and sensory circuits, including walking the plank! All activities were very popular with the pupils especially the sensory approaches using jelly, sand and many other interesting substances (tidying and cleaning up has been a little less popular with staff!). The aim of the Maths week, to make it fun and exciting, has certainly been achieved! Have a good Half term.



We have had a week of hard work and fun! Two of our young people Tom and Roy have achieved their level 1 Food Hygiene certificates. We had the BBC cameras in filming Kirsty’s journey to school, she thoroughly enjoyed being the star of the show and it caused great excitement with many of the other budding film stars! It will hopefully be shown on BBC news on 20th February and will be available online. At the weekend Tracy S one of our teachers met one of our past pupils serving in Tescos, where he started work experience while at DGS. She was very impressed with his professionalism and helpfulness. This is lovely to hear about a past pupil. We have held teacher interviews as we have a pending maternity leave and it was lovely to see how accomplished our students are at taking people on a tour of the school. Khadi, Joseph and Callum at secondary and Keerthana and Alexie at primary all were very good at explaining our school. We have also seen a great deal of use of the new Gym equipment at secondary this week as more staff become trained in how to teach it safely. Many pupils have set and already surpassed their own targets. I think the magic moments have been seeing videos of Khadi and Hannah S enjoying access to the weights and ski machine. Great perseverance and enjoyment! Have a good weekend

WinterFest Concert


It was a great privilege to have been a part of the WinterFest Concert at Bedworth Civic Hall On Wednesday, joining 5 other special schools to showcase our musical talent and choir. The students did themselves proud, many performing for the first time on a large stage, under lights, using microphones and showed how resilient they can be but also how much fun music can be. Chloe L sang a solo from Les Miserable and was fantastic, demonstrating real courage and determination to overcome her initial nerves - she came off stage with a beaming smile. Tom D performed two solo pieces on his accordion and spoke to the audience with great knowledge and detail about his accordion and the music he was going to play. A big thank you to Sally-Ann for her flexibility and coordinating the music and additional rehearsals. Thank you to Mark, Laura & Claire for their support and enabling all of our students to access the concert so successfully

The official opening of the Secondary Site and the UK's first special Cruyff Court


We had a very successful opening of the school where we received the Procon award for building design and opened our Special Cruyff Court ...the first adapted Cruyff court in the UK. We were joined by a large number of visitors including the Mayor of Hinckley & Bosworth, Chairman of LCC, Chief Executive of Hinckley and Bosworth as well as Matt Elliot, ex-captain of Leicester City and Vicky Macqueen ex England Rugby Player and founder of Didi Rugby. Also members of the Cruyff Foundation Team (who raised the funding and led the project) flew in from Holland. Their Director Niels Muijer and project managers Miranda, Geraint and UK link Simon spent lots of time chatting to our young people and were extremely complimentary about them and our staff. Although the rain arrived a little too soon it did not dampen the spirit of the pupils who relished access to our new specialised all weather pitch. They have been making the most of it ever since. A number of pupils took our visitors on tours of the school in small groups and were fantastic ambassadors of the school. Others served refreshments and were extremely welcoming and helpful. Simon who is the UK link for Cruyff sent the following message thanking us for our hospitality after the event… …’We were delighted to be able to celebrate with you and see the enjoyment and excitement on the young people’s faces’. A great event organised extremely well by Alison and her team.

Happy New Year


A super first week back. The pupils have returned with enthusiasm and have settled down to work really quickly. It has been lovely to welcome 5 new pupils to the school and some new staff. Luke Pegley is our new assistant headteacher based at the Primary site and who will be involved with the day to day running of our Primary site, Richmond and Redmoor bases along with Katie Noon. We also welcome Kate Wood back from maternity leave. Kate returns to being assistant headteacher at our Secondary site and is job sharing this role with Julie Rawlings they will be overseeing day to day running of secondary site and our DG base at Hinckley Academy. Cleveland House base continues to be led by Louise Leeson. Hollie also returns from maternity leave and is teaching in Lemurs job sharing this role with Tina Waters a new part time experienced teacher to the school. Next week the pupils are looking forward to the grand opening of our multi-games Cruyff court on Tuesday morning. The Chair of the Cruyff foundation is coming over from Holland for the opening, the local Mayor and many other visitors including one of our Ambassadors will be joining him for the ceremony.

Merry Christmas 


A very festive 2 weeks of visits out, ice skating, performances, parties, Santa visits, the church service and finally the Christmas coffee morning and market today. I hope you have all managed to attend at least one of the events and if not there are plenty of photos. The pupils have been amazing and have enjoyed all the events adding to their range of experiences - lots of contributions for ‘Our 50 Things to do before you leave Dorothy Goodman School’. I hope you all enjoy some festive fun over the next few weeks and we look forward to welcoming your children back on Tuesday 7th January 2020, a brand new decade!.

Thank you's and goodbyes ...


It was good to see so many of our new families last Saturday at our Family Makaton Session. On Monday we said goodbye and thank you to one of our Ambassadors, Sam Harrison from Leicester Tigers who is moving to Australia with his family early in the new year, as part of our thank you the pupils had made him cards and also signed a rugby ball for him to take. On the same day it was lovely celebrating with the pupils who have been working with Geosynthetics on developing their CV and interview techniques. The staff who have been working with the pupils were really complimentary about the work that the pupils had completed but more importantly could talk about their individual successes and how much progress they had made in confidence throughout the course of the sessions. Chris the CEO of the company came to present the pupils with a certificate (and candy cane) and talked about how much the staff from Geosynthetics had personally gained from their experiences of working with the pupils. On Wednesday following a Christmas Card Competition entered by Saturn, whilst our entries were not selected as winners but some colleagues from Hayes were very impressed by our entries and came into school yesterday to present the class with a certificate and some sweets. Following the visit we received some really positive feedback with the visitor commenting that it was so lovely to be invited in and that spending some time with the class has truly made her week. Well done to Saturn great ambassadors for the school!. On Thursday our students made us proud with their positive and insightful attitude to interviewing candidates; Josh and George from Cleveland House, AR from Apollo, Dylan from Owls and Benji from Neptune. They had prepared some good questions and all the candidates said what a pleasure it had been to meet them. They had not realised that the pupils themselves had not all met each other before which was also quite amazing. Across the school all classes have been preparing for the Christmas events next week and I hope to see many of you at one of the productions or the church service next week.

Lots of work within our pathways group this week ...


A busy week where Christmas productions are being rehearsed, we had a fundraising toy sale at primary and Tom D and Kelly have featured in a film about Tom’s work experience at Geosynthetics. Kelly was invited to attend the DIY pathway session this week and here is her report:
Luke talked her through the drilling where he demonstrated his understanding of the fact that different drill bits are used on different materials and also how to secure the material using a clamp to ensure that it was safe. Kieran was able to talk her through tile cutting and she was very impressed with the pieces that the students had made. Shaney and Kieran both then demonstrated using the tile cutter and then the grout to stick the tile down. Harry and Aaron were working with the jigsaw. Harry responded really well to the modelling and between them they demonstrated very strong problem solving skills. It was lovely to hear about all of their work and to see the confidence they have within the environment. All very impressive and thanks to Paul who leads these sessions. Have a good weekend.

Super week all round!


The range of different activities and class work across the school is so broad and the effort made by individual pupils is inspiring. This week has been no exception. I have seen some super work from amazing engagement with instruments and sounds using call and response to beautiful artwork and story writing. One young person learning to control an electric wheelchair to someone mastering writing and reading with braille. I also enjoyed having lunch with Mercury class this week - the pupils’ have developed so much independence since last time I joined them, it is lovely to see. All in all a super week.

Achievements all round!

Our congratulations this week go to Adam from our secondary site who attended the Hinckley and Bosworth Sports Awards at Hinckley Rugby Club. He was nominated for the Disability Sportsperson of the Year due to his dedication to sport and healthy living. He has transformed his life over the past few years through hard work and determination and we are all very proud of his achievements at Dorothy Goodman. He is now working hard to gain his braille quali-fications...see photographs later in the newsletter.
Geosynthetics have just published an article on their Facebook page about Tom D (Hera) one of our pupils who has had a 12 week work placement with them this term. It has a link to further information on their website. There is a lovely comment that Tom makes when asked what super power he would like…’to make sure everyone's voice is heard’. I am sure you will want to take a look so please see the links below.
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Geosynthetics-Limited-726759427401033/ - it also has a link to their website: http://www.geosyn.co.uk/news/4648fbclid=IwAR347DC8TV3ajEPwg5yyxU0iXf802Bjy4gUFvFJLEkoAG6wYjiYL4etmfo
What great successes we are all very proud of the achievements of all our pupils and it is great to be able to cele-brate with external organisations as well. It is such an important part of our work at the school to enable young peo-ple to achieve in their favoured areas. With support from parents and staff our pupils can achieve so much.
I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Shakespeare at the Curve with Dorothy Goodman School


Wow another amazing performance, this year of The Tempest. The words used to describe the performance by the director in charge were ‘Excellent story telling of a magical story told through movement and music which had such energy, emotion and humour supported by amazing enthusiasm from the pupils involved. We had a spritely Arial from Charlotte controlling the waves and the shipwrecked mariners at the behest of Callum’s powerful and magical Prospero. The beautiful Miranda (whose voice we could hear even near the back) played by Olivia falling for Dylan’s responsible and dignified Ferdinand. Very comic turns by Kailon (Caliban) who was obsessed by the shiny crown and drunk antics from Jack and Corey (the stewards Stephano and Trinculo). Tom, Brett and Manav, Hoi and Theo (creating his own comic turn) created ensemble pieces for the ship, the arguments and survival on the island of the Lords from Naples and much more. The mythical goddesses played by Naomi, Alexis and Amelia helped create a truly mysterious atmosphere while Amy, Emily, Lola and Princess created sea storms and calm with clear and fluid actions to depict the controlling nature of the magic on the island. All came to a triumphant end when Prospero with great gusto broke his staff over his knee. With no staff on stage (apart from propelling Olivia’s chair) amazing performances were given by the whole company supporting each other. They knew their roles, their confidence was wonderful. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all the families as well as Alison, Kelly, Kate, Julie and I. Well done to Miss Holder (Danielle) once again some amazing direction using the pupils’ own ideas to create the story.

A very busy week with more exciting things to come 


It has been a busy week as ever with lots of interesting work going on and a Key Stage 2 sports event for a group of our pupils. I was very pleased with how all our pupils responded so well to our fire alarm practices at primary and secondary bases. Staff and pupils exited sensibly and swiftly on both bases even our newest pupils with good support from staff. These are tricky practices for many of our young people but so essential for their safety. The Cruyff games court at secondary is progressing well and weather permitting we are nearing completion. We are all looking forward to the Shakespeare in Schools performance next Tuesday when a group of our Key Stage 3 pupils take their acting skills to The Curve. There are still tickets available if anyone wants to join us. Have a good weekend.

Magic and cooking!


We have had an amazing week. From Star Wars to Harry Potter at primary and Intern reviews to Autumn/ Halloween activities at secondary. Very busy pupils and lots of work going on. Macie from Saturn came to show me her writing work which has improved so much she has moved up two groups. She was quite rightly very proud of herself. Many of the pupils were very animated this morning to tell us about their Trick or Treat experiences at home last night. Yesterday I spent some time in Lions where they were all having a very sensory cooking experience (lots of tasting too!). In Venus the preparations for lasagne were going very well with some excellent chopping and mixing from the pupils and such super levels of independence. We have also held Assistant Headteacher interviews this week as Kate Wood will be working part time on her return from maternity leave after Christmas and Julie Rawlings will be working the other part of the week as a job share. Our new member of the team, Luke Pegley, will start after Christmas and we are looking forward to giving him a warm welcome. I hope you all have a good weekend.

Torrential rain and secondary site updates


It has been a week of torrential rain and glorious sunshine, most of our pupils definitely prefer the sunshine! Our pupils have been working hard over the last few weeks and there have been many accomplishments and achievements. The achievers assemblies are always good to join. Last Friday Mercury and Venus ‘Be proud’ assembly was joined by Julie and she said it was a pleasure to watch and to see so many certificates of achievement being handed out. The learners and staff share with each other different young people’s accomplishments in a very musical way. Danai, Euan, Daisy, John, Brandon, Zayan, Alexie, Alex, Oliver & Keerthana all celebrated a variety of achievements ranging from completing work independently, communication, making people smile/laugh, helping their friends and being a good friend. They were all definitely very PROUD of themselves and their friends. Abigail was singing along beautifully! The achievers board at secondary is in place and it is good to see how proud the pupils are of their certificates when photographed during their assemblies.
Those of you who collect and drop your children at secondary will see the multi-games court is nearing completion. Once the tarmac has settled the basketball hoops the edges of the pitch will be sorted and the grass will be installed – this has a material embedded into this that has to be “sanded” so it remains a texture of a Tiger – hence name Tiger turf! – that allows it to be maintained and accessible by all. Dorothy Goodman School is the first school in the whole country to have a special court installed but they have been installed all across the world from Malaysia to Holland to Canada and quite a few places in between. Over the next couple of weeks we will be sharing some further information about the court and the late footballer whose charity has funded this.
Unfortunately the other part of the landscaping has been delayed by the torrential rain and we may need to wait a few weeks before it is dry enough for work to begin again. Have a good weekend.

Amazing Achievements 


This week Key Stage 1 school council held their first meeting. Lynn reported how successful it had
been with our councillors confident to tell each other their name and which class they are from. There
was an opportunity to tell us what they liked in school, swimming and reading books was a favourite of
most of the group. Nellie, who is new to the school, was able to use her talker and tell us she had
cereal for breakfast. They have been given the task of finding out which charity they would like us to
support and also what other games/activities they would like at lunch time. Throughout the week I
have seen lots of super work and engagement from the pupils. Amazing Maths and written work, very
expressive dancing, motivating communication sessions and some lovely interaction within the sensory
rooms. We are also looking forward to Shakespeare for Schools Festival once again. The pupils will be
performing on stage at The Curve in November, Danielle took some of the cast there this week to
participate in a workshop run by directors of the company. Pupils from Owls and Kites joined another
school from Leicester where each school showed a scene from their productions. The pupils were
fantastic from start to finish! From giving positive feedback to the other school, to working with the
directors to improve our opening scenes. All 10 pupils were great representatives of the school and
were given positive feedback throughout the day on their creative and listening skills.
We have also had some pleasing news from the Regional Schools Commissioner this week, when we
heard that our school has been approved as the sponsor of the new Communication and Interaction
School due to open nearby. This is a great moment for Dorothy Goodman School and will open up
opportunities for pupils with Communication and Interaction needs, who live in the local area, as well as
offering more career opportunities for staff. I will keep you informed as we receive more information.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Performances and transition days 


An exciting week with the secondary arts performance and our whole school transition day. The arts performance was very successful. Unfortunately due to other commitments I was unable to watch the actual performance (although it was good to hear many parents came to this) but I did see the dress rehearsal. I was impressed by the pupils confidence while performing – singing, dancing and acting. The groups really supported one another with pupils making sure others were fully involved. Thanks to Sally Ann, Lisa, Danielle and their staff teams as the pupils were well rehearsed and obviously thoroughly enjoying their performances. They also made a lovely large display of lots of the art work created by the pupils over the year – photos and originals. At the transition day it was lovely to meet so many of our new pupils and for others to meet the group who will be in their class. There were lots of fun activities going on and pupils were very engaged with ‘old hands’ supporting new people extremely well.
I hope you all have a good weekend as we look forward to another busy week for our last week of this academic year.

Sports week 


A week of sports and fitness and so many highlights it is difficult to choose...but I think the adapted bikes and race running were extremely popular. There has been some healthy competition (and lots of cheering) with the various sessions set up for speed, throwing and jumping. Primary sports events went extremely well, KS2 were at Green Towers and quote of the event was ‘That was the best sports day ever’. Thanks to Simon who organised it and Dan who led the wonderful sensory sessions. In KS1 there was lots of smiling faces from both the children and their families and lots of involvement from everyone! Duck, duck, goose went down well with lots of laughing from Alfie M as his friends waited in anticipation to see who he would choose. Great concentration from Oscar and Freya during the egg and spoon race and in the water race Jennifer was keen to have another turn with her friends cheering her on. It was also good to see staff, parents and siblings joining in the fun and games and then enjoying the ice lollies at the end (thanks to Tarell’s Mum for making these). I don’t think we could have asked for a nicer day! Other news this week Joseph and Deri our (Richmond base) eco warriors went on a trip to Neovia. Each school took part in a presentation about what they do at their schools with regards to eco issues. Both boys were very well behaved and joined in the presentation with Richmond students. We listened to a presentation about bees and honey, decorated bird boxes and held and stroked a snake, a pigmy hedgehog, a tortoise and a chinchilla. They answered questions and won prizes, received a goody bag and Joseph even won a family ticket to Cadbury World! We were also presented with a glass trophy and a cheque for £250 to use towards school projects.
Have a good weekend and enjoy the sunshine.

Moving on week and parents evening 


There has been lots happening this week with our Moving on event for secondary aged pupils. There have been visits to Neovia, Horse Savvy, Marriott Hotel, The Manufacturing Technology Centre, The Curve, Upton Steel, Coventry Building Society, Cadent, Amazon, East Midlands Airport and Fosse Radio to name a few. Pupils have also had a chance to have a go at writing CVs and presenting their skills in a positive way. Others have also been involved with organisations visiting school such as Meadow Barn and Voyage Care. Our pupils have made the most of these opportunities and finding out what is available for them after school. Janus class have also been solving ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’... investigating the crime scene very carefully! It has been lovely to catch up with so many of you at parents evening this week and to meet all the new EYFS pupils, who came for their first visit on Wednes-day in preparation for starting with us in August. With only three weeks left of term we still have many things going on so please check the school diary carefully and I hope to see you at the summer fair to-morrow.

Adventures and achievements 


What a wet week and such a shame for our intrepid adventurers at the Sherwood Forest residential. They still seem to be enjoying the trip in spite of the weather and the hot tub is a definite favourite! A group of Year 5 pupils stayed over for one night on Monday and the Year 6 group have braved two nights across Wednesday to Friday. They have particularly enjoyed the woodland games activities, making bows and arrows and the large adventure playground area. There have been some good cooking and food preparation skills - making pizzas, pasta and their own packed lunches...perhaps they can help prepare meals and packed lunches when they return home! A big thank you to all the staff, some of whom became involved at very short notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Also this week, as you may have seen on Facebook, we have some very proud pupils from Leopards class who had their first riddles published in a book well done to Oliver, Bentley and Jennifer.
Have a good weekend

Moving into the Summer 


As we move into the final half term of the academic year it is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on how much pupils have progressed since the start of the year. I am especially impressed by progress in communication and social skills as I see pupils enjoying interacting with each other in class and outside. A few of our leavers are understandably rather anxious about moving on but are taking responsibility to help present themselves positively in new environments and we will continue to support them to have a positive last half term at DGS. Excitement about the secondary Prom is gathering and planning for the summer ‘Goodstock’ festival day is in hand. This week it has been lovely to see cooperative and fun outdoor play in the primary areas and at the secondary school pupils are making the most of the newly opened large grass area to the side of the school - even if the balls keep going over the fence! Soon it will be the school summer fair held at the primary school site on Stoke Road and I hope to see many of you at this event.
Have a good weekend.

Visitors and football 


At Primary this week whilst showing some visitors around the school, it was lovely to see such super en-gagement from the pupils. Lions were responding really well in PE changing their style of movement and following instructions, Leopards were identifying their eyes, nose and ears within their song. In Mars there was great excitement and focus about flavoured milkshakes – we couldn’t stay long enough to see the outcomes! In Jupiter they were working hard using tools with the clay to make marks and in Lemurs the pupils had written some lovely poetry which was being sent off as part of a competition to be printed in a book and were obviously very proud of their achievements.
On Wednesday pupils had a great time playing football at the King Power stadium - they were all really mature and independent in an unfamiliar environment and although the football wasn't the strong point, there was so many highlights throughout the day (we did win one and draw one though so not all bad!)
Also this week a bees nest of over 20,000 honey bees that had started to swarm on the secondary field at the back was successfully rehoused. The bee expert who came to check has removed them safely and will now be looking after them in their new home.
I hope you all have a good half term.

Exams and Buckingham Palace!


This is such a short half term that we have had to squeeze so much in such a few weeks! This week at DGS, we have had exams, interviews and a peer review. The exams have gone smoothly so far and pupils have responded well. On Tuesday Diane Rochford, an executive headteacher from another special school came to review our school effectiveness. She observed lessons, talked to pupils and met various staff across the school. She was very complimentary about her findings and praised the enthusiasm and dedication of the staff. Diane also mentioned how confident our pupils are at greeting new people and welcoming them to our school. She reported on how staff have high aspirations for pupils while offering very personalised support so that we can help but also encourage high levels of independence. I think the best finding however, was how much fun the pupils had while learning!
Kelly and I were very privileged to attend a Buckingham Palace garden party which was a wonderful event and we felt very honoured. We also met our targets of keeping our hats on and not tripping up on the steps! Yesterday we held interviews for a teacher and had some super candidates who enjoyed their day at school. We will know the outcomes of the interviews once we have received references and we can then share more. Also this week we congratulate Jamie on the birth of his second child Willow.
Have a good weekend.

New starters, progress and cooking!


What a short week! Following the early May Day holiday on Monday I think we have all been struggling to remember which day it is! Over the last few weeks we have had a number of new pupils start at our school and they all seem to be settling in well with some lovely support from their classmates. Our pupils are very good at helping new pupils feel welcome and it is really good to see how well they learn to support others. This week we have had some super PE sessions going on with great enthusiasm and skill being demonstrated. It has also been good to have the Hydro pool back working as shown by Purno’s enthusiasm when he was offered an extra session as someone was absent! Pupils have also been doing some great cooking whether it be for their own lunch or to take home. I especially liked the smell of the spicy meal Janus were making! This is a very short half term (and in fact term) with lots to fit in so please keep an eye on all the notices later in the newsletter as there are many events and activities going on.
I hope you have a good weekend.

Welcome Back!


Before the holiday we had a lovely afternoon tea, where the Mayor of Hinckley visited our new school site. The pupils were fantastic hosts - Jenkin and Will gave her a lovely tour of the school. She was impressed with the pupils’ work in classes as well as the waitress skills from Millie and the delicious cakes and biscuits made by the catering group. Kyle and Karl both explained their internship programmes which impressed her greatly. We have had a lovely first week back after the break with happy pupils and lots of work going on. Some highlights have been Laith from Lemurs being an enthusiastic DJ in his music session and Janus class demonstrating their amazing drama skills. The secondary school council have been busy thinking about themes for the end of year prom (they seem to be getting more and more extravagant every year!).
Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend and we’ll see you on Tuesday morning.

The end of another term and Happy Easter!


We reach the end of a busy term and the sun is shining! This week we had a wonderful Easter gathering at St Peter’s church. The pupils were so well behaved and performed their songs, actions and dances so well, even when the sound disappeared for a moment or two. We had a very successful weekend last week, two living willow structures have been planted at primary site and pupils are already enjoying using them. A big thank you to the local Rotary club and staff who volunteered and helped us achieve this. The family Makaton sessions were also a success and we had lots who attended giving very good feedback from parents of pupils who attend the school and some who attend elsewhere. Then on Sunday our friends and Families of DGS inaugural event, the Car Boot Sale was also a great success and attracted lots of people throughout the morning, again a big thank you to staff, parents and friends who volunteer to support these events.
I hope you all have a good few weeks while the school is closed and I look forward to welcoming all your children back to school on Monday 29 April.

What a busy week!


We have had a very successful residential trip to Kingswood for our Year 8 pupils. They have enjoyed climbing, zip wire, camp fire, bush craft and many more activities. The pupils (In Sophie’s words) have all been super! So lovely towards each other, helping one another and cheering each other on. Yesterday Key Stage 5 students cooked a 2 course dinner to say thank you to the Rotary club. They cooked chicken and leek pie with seasonal vegetables, roast potatoes and gravy followed by chocolate cake and custard. Kirsty D, Josh W, Harry Cft, Ethan Q, Millie S, James D and Chloe L all did the school proud by cooking, serving and entertaining the guests in a professional and polite manner. We are looking forward to a busy weekend. On Saturday at primary it’s our family Makaton event and the planting of the living willow structures. On Sunday our first charity event at the secondary school being a car boot sale. We hope to see you at least one of the events!
Have a good weekend.

School Trips 


This week we have had a group of older pupils on a trip to Red Ridge. There have been some lovely moments shared via the photos and videos including pupils kayaking, going down the zip wire and climbing the climbing wall. On their last day they split into two groups; Alex, Sophie, Shannon and Kieran E had fun at the seaside, walking along the beach, eating fish & chips followed by ice cream! The second group; John, Kieran W and Dougie had an eventful day rowing canoes along Montgomery canal. Last night they had a disco and there were some very smartly dressed students apparently. Other pupils have also been busy. There was a very successful Macbeth Maths Banquet event yesterday for all Key Stage 3 pupils and Key Stage 2 pupils had a very engaging trip to the botanical gardens earlier in the week. The children all had a fantastic time and were incredibly well behaved and polite to the staff there.
Have a lovely weekend.

Music concerts and Parents evening 


We were very lucky yesterday to host the Sinfonia Viva - Sky Tour concert. Mark Wilson who organised it within our school reported that it was fantastic to see so many KS2 & KS3 students involved in the concert. A highlight was seeing Erin F interacting with the musicians and having the confidence to answer questions and sing. Lennon & Danish were both getting very animated and smiling at the actions and songs throughout the performance. Everybody was very excited to welcome the Chair of the Council and Westfield School pupils to our school to share the performance. The class teams has prepared the songs well and staff supported the students access to the concert expertly. The Headteacher from Westfield thanked us for hosting the event and said The children loved it and everyone came back buzzing….a really great afternoon of live music, singing & dancing!
It was also good to see so many of you at parents evening and the ‘Moving on’ event appeared to go extremely well, so I hope you were able to gather the information you needed.
Have a lovely weekend.

Achievements and moving on week 


This week there have been many wonderful moments, such as Lennon walking the full length of the corridor in his walking frame, Will persisting at lighting a safe controlled fire on Monday at Forest Schools, Lucas joining in the Music session yesterday (something he often finds tricky) and Kailon, Theo and Lola welcoming a prospective new pupil - so sensible and friendly telling him about their work. During the Moving On event for our Key Stage 1 & 2 pupils, our older pupils from Key Stage 5 demonstrated skills they have learnt during their pathways - Sports, DIY, Catering and Hospitality, Animal Care, Art - they all behaved extremely responsibly and although Enhua thought young children were hard work they had all enjoyed the experience! Our Interns, who are spending this year in the workplace supported by our staff, went to speak to some of our KS3 pupils to try and raise their aspirations. Also we have had successes in Swimming - Macie holding onto a float and swimming without an adult, Calum M and Lucas interacting extremely well in the water and Andie working hard on her floating - she also enjoyed the splashing from her peers! To complete such a great week Angel from Saturn has also received an Achievement award from Leicestershire County Council. Our pupils are rightly very proud of all their various achievements as are we. We are all looking forward to seeing you at parents evening next week so that we can share these achievements with you. Have a good weekend.

Creative Week 


We have had a wonderful ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Creative Week incorporating World Book Day. There were some lovely costumes yesterday and some wonderful activities and creations being made. The pupils have enjoyed cooking, creating artistic scenery, sensory circuits, luminous dis-covery and much more. It will all culminate today for the ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’. Other super news...a few weeks ago Saturn & Neptune sent in stories for a young writers competition. On Fri-day they had some great news as 7 of their stories are going to be published, once they have received permission slips back from parents. Also Leopards class submitted contributions from Jennifer, Bentley and Oliver for a poetry competition and they too are going to be published...DGS seems to be taking over the literary world...Congratulations to all. Please use your book vouchers to help your child choose a favoured book to have - you may then be able to take a photo for our Extreme Reading Challenge (engaging with books in peculiar places).
Have a good weekend.

Welcome back after half term!


A lovely first week back at school after the half term break, I think the sunshine has cheered us all up! This week our dancers performed at The Curve and once again demonstrated super confidence and charisma. Congratulations to Olivia, Robert, Kaydone, Kirstine, Daisy, Sophie, Shannon H, Elizabeth, Jenkin, Reece, Alfi, Daniel and Enhua. The pupils obviously thoroughly enjoyed their minutes of fame and threw themselves into performing extremely well. There was some great accuracy of the dance moves by some and some super audience interaction from others in between dancing as well! Reece ended the evening with a very loud and clear thank you to the audience. So many pupils now have something more for their ‘Fifty Things to Do’ record and we all enjoyed a lovely evening.
Have a good weekend.

The end of another half term!


This half term has flown by and everyone has been working hard. The pupils across the school have achieved a great deal. I am especially impressed by how well our pupils have settled in with our new teachers. Some of the work I have seen has been exemplary. Over the last few weeks it has been lovely to welcome lots of visitors to all our sites from potential new parents to the community police. All have been very complimentary about our pupils. We also have lots of good news, a little while ago our primary student council requested a new crossing for those pupils coming down from Richmond to our primary site on Stoke Road...well they have achieved it. The new crossing is being put in place on 18 February (please see later in the newsletter for the plans), this is a great example of local democracy at work so a huge well done to our pupils. Also we won the Asda tokens £500 reward which was presented to us on Monday. A big thank you to whoever put us forward for this.
I hope you all have a lovely half term and that the weather stays fine! We look forward to seeing your children back at school on Monday 25th February.

Swimming, Visits and Classroom achievements 


On Monday Kate Noon joined Key Stages 1 and 3 for Swimming at the leisure centre, she was very impressed by their progress. All groups were very focused and led by teachers who directed the activities clearly. I also saw some great individual work with Karla and Ryan who were given time to enjoy themselves while completing specific tasks to develop their physical skills. Brett was very proud to show me his skills and how much he had improved his confidence in the water. It was also great to see the pupils engaging in the bear hunt in the pool.
Last Friday Bill Cullen Chief Executive of the Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council visited our secondary site with Chris White, our new Chair of Governors. The pupils were exceptionally welcoming and keen to tell us what they were learning about. In Apollo they were working hard on their numeracy skills, adding and subtracting sums as well as word problems. Callum even said ‘I can do the sums but when I have to read it as well I find them hard’ but he was really trying. Chloe made sure she shouted so she wasn’t missed out from the greetings. In Poseidon the pupils were also working hard on their English skills and Reece shared his reward time with Chris. They met Andie twice, once in Music Therapy and once in class, she recognised Chris from last time he was in school. All classes were working hard …Communication using sensory approaches, Phonics, Maths, Chromebook Writing, Reading and Communication games – it was a pleasure to see all their hard work and both Chris and Bill were very impressed - our pupil showed pride in their school and their work and we in turn are very proud of them. Have a good weekend.

A week of trips!


Another busy week in school with lots of lovely work going on and three trips out for various groups of pupils. Some of the students studying the Animal Care Pathway visited Leicester Racecourse, unfortunately due to the weather the ground was frozen and there were no horses, so the event was cancelled, but this gave them an opportunity to see how the Racecourse operated behind the scenes a bit more. I believe Thalia did exceptionally well on the artificial horse! Yesterday (and for primary today) we had a secondary group of pupils visiting a Bamboozle theatre production at The Curve. The pupils all engaged and responded well. The Bamboozle staff and cast were amazing with the pupils. Some highlights were Aya reaching out for the sand and cinnamon powder, Heidi reaching out for an unusual instrument that was being played by one of the actors. Mollie went up on stage and listened to the guitar and cello being played and Hannah was very responsive to the liquorice smelling water being splashed. Disha instigated a whole audience clap and also shouted out 'water' as one of the actors was rounding off the story, she used the correct word at the right time! I am sure the primary group will have just as much fun today. So far we have fortunately missed the snow but please see later in this newsletter how we will communicate with you if the school is closed. Have a good weekend.

Creativity and cooking!


There has been lots of creative learning this week with Neptune making Mayan ‘death’ or ‘celebration’ masks in History. During the creative session Hoi-Wing was using his communication device to get his ideas across to others in the group and Sammy created some magnificent hieroglyph designs and beautiful writing linked to this. Pupils in Jupiter made amazing pizzas, Mars cleaned up well after their jam tarts and in Venus pupils made some lovely wool winding art work.
At the secondary site Kaylum and Khadi went on an adventure to Nottingham Trent University. Klaire the tutor from the university fed back how impressed she was with their ‘creativity and keenness’. They had an amazing day learning about different parts of the design process and how technology is used to sup-port this. Colourful semantics has helped Callum, Lewis and Rosie to create sentences independently, working together to support with reading and deciding whether it all made sense.
Hope you all have a good weekend.

Achievements all round!


Another busy week at school with lots of achievements. Dougie, Millie and Sophie gained employee of the month at Tesco, which is a wonderful achievement. Last week Tesco were short staffed and very busy while the students were on their work experience. The students worked incredibly hard and they were described as 'outstanding'. Tesco staff genuinely appreciate the effort students make and they certainly add value to the business. Thanks must also go to Christine and Laura who support the students in their work. This is a great example of how our pupils progress. This week I have also been impressed with seeing how skilled and speedy Danish is becoming in his walking frame. I have been looking at some of the writing work at secondary where pupils are learning to listen and read feedback on their work. Then they revise and improve it, there were some great examples and I particularly liked the foot-ball ones. It is lovely to follow the progress of our pupils from experiencing sensory aspects and sequencing The Bear hunt to football reporting. From choosing who has the ball next to playing team games. Our pupils are working hard and I am sure you are just as proud of their achievements as we are. It was also good to hear about the success of the first meeting of the Friends and Families of DGS. I know Emma was extremely pleased with how the organisation of the meeting went and planning for the future.
Have a good weekend.

Welcome back and Happy New Year!


It has been good to be back for the start of 2019. Everyone is back looking rested and ready for the new term. Pupils have been working hard across the school and have been very engaged. Pupils in Janus showed me their review of achievements last year and New Year resolutions for this. It was lovely to read about the achievements they were proud of last year, the people they wanted to get to know better this year and what they want to achieve or improve this year. We have had visitors to the school already this term, potential parents and other practitioners. They have all been very complimentary about the involvement of pupils in the lessons they saw. We have even had a few of Key Stage 5 students interviewed by Radio Leicester, so all in all a busy start to the new year! As we explained at the very end of last term Kate Wood started her maternity leave as did Hollie Fletcher. We were expecting her back for a week or so this term but babies always seem to have other thoughts! This means that Melissa B is leading Mercury class at Primary and Vishaal our new teacher who worked alongside Emma Draycott at the end of last term will be leading Nike class so that Emma can pick up some of Kate’s role. Emma will still be involved with the class throughout the week and will be teaching them all day on Thursdays.
Hope you all have a good weekend.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 


It is the end of a very long term and I think everyone is very tired, but what a lovely week. We have had super performances from EYFS/Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils, Shining stars and Aladdin. The church service was also lovely as the pupils repeated some of their well rehearsed performances and each Key Stage made a pledge to give something back to the people who help us. Key Stage 1 will be making scones for the Fire and Rescue Service Station; Key Stage 2 will be supporting Tudor Road Care Home and hope to run a ‘wake and shake’ and Boccia session for them!; Key stage 3 will be litter picking in the local community; Key stage 4 will be making biscuits and cakes for the staff at Coventry Building Society and Hinckley & Rugby Building Society; Key Stage 5 will be making lunch for the Market Bosworth Rotary Club. The ideas were so popular that we have even had a message of appreciation from the Mayor of Hinckley who said ‘what great ideas and lovely ways to say thank you’. Cleveland House had a lovely event yesterday, celebrating the many achievements of the pupils who attend this new provision. These achievements are very varied from attending school regularly to making excellent progress in the inclusion lessons which perhaps they themselves did not think they would manage. It was great to see the pride in their own achievements.
Today we wish Kate Wood all the best for her maternity leave and we say goodbye to Melissa Timms who starts a new career in the new year.
I would like to wish you all the best for the festive season and we look forward to welcoming your children back to school on Monday 7th January unless your child attends Cleveland House who will be returning on Tuesday 8th January 2019.

Neighbours Day and Christmas Prep!


We had a lovely afternoon last Friday introducing our neighbours to the new school on Barwell Lane. The pupils welcomed 57 visitors who had tea/coffee and cake as well as guided tours of the new school courtesy of our pupil tour guides. Will S did a fantastic job offering drinks and mastering the plunger flasks to get hot water. Harry and Luke were wonderful ‘meet and greeters’ who explained where to sign in and where to go for a drink before the tour. All the pupils were wonderful – those who continued with their work and those who took on the tour guide roles. It was lovely to have three of our governors there as well who had plenty of opportunities to talk to our neighbours and our pupils. People were very positive about the pupils and what the school can offer them – this was summed up by an email sent by one of our visitors ‘I would like to pass on my thanks to the Dorothy Goodman School for the hospitality afforded to my two friends and I during our visit to the School on Friday. We were made extremely welcome and found the tour both enlightening and enjoyable. Special thanks to Luke and Khadi for showing us round. The premises were most impressive and I would like to wish the teachers, pupils and all concerned, success and happiness with this new venture.’ Elsewhere in the school there has been lots of Christmas preparation - decoration making, show rehearsing and much more. It will be lovely to welcome many of you to the various events shows, church service and farmers market next week. Have a lovely weekend. 

Singing at the Curve, Ice Skating and our neighbours day!


Last Friday some of our Key Stage 2 pupils joined other school pupils for a huge singing event at The Curve, Leicester. After several practices over the last few weeks, they were all great ambassadors for the school, shining at centre stage and singing as loud as they could!. Keerthana and Megan B enjoyed singing to each other during the 'best friends' song, with beautiful signing to match. Benji B enjoyed showing off some dance moves, and Chloe G encouraged Angel L to join in and supported
her during the event. Daisy W smiled throughout and was so confident on stage. Ethan W surprised us as he sang. It is hard to describe how proud everyone was when the crowd stood up to give the children a standing ovation after the last song!. It certainly brought some of the staff and parents to tears. Thank you to all staff and students who came along to rehearsals and the event, and those in the background making sure it all ran smoothly on the day! Every child was a star. Last Sunday our Primary School Council went ice skating at Market Bosworth which was very successful. The students really enjoyed it and progressed well from not being able to stand and skate to getting around the rink independently. The award for
the most times falling over goes to Craig, but he kept getting back up again!. Today we have had ‘Neighbours day’ at our new secondary site which was very successful. Over 54 people came for the
coffee/tea morning and tours of the school. The students were fantastic and made us very proud. A big thank you to all the pupils and staff who supported the event and especially Mrs Hutt for getting all the pupils to cook cakes etc yesterday ready for today, what a wonderful amazing spread! Have a good weekend - next week the school Christmas fortnight begins!.

KS3's performance at The Curve Theatre 


This week we were privileged to have a wonderful evening watching some of our Key Stage 3
pupils perform ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ at The Curve. They were so independent and creative
in their roles and produced a magical performance. In the words of the actor who reviews all
the performances… They created a melodic, magical piece of theatre with great characters who
demonstrated their roles in the piece so well. He very much liked the whizzing Puck who scooted
across stage giggling mischievously, the sassy actions of Helena the flick of the hair of Hermia
and Lysander blowing kisses. The pupils managed to create a magical atmosphere using their
actions, costumes and music which also captured the excitement of the play. They conducted
themselves with care, attention for each other and love of the performance (apparently it brought
him to tears in the rehearsal). Speaking to parents afterwards they were also delighted and encouraging
that we always offer these sort of experiences. I would like to thank the staff who ensured
this could happen by giving willingly of their time and threw themselves into costume/prop
making as well as supporting our pupils to learn their parts.

A very busy week had by all!


On Monday it was great to hear that the cake sale at Secondary last Friday had raised £190.05 for Children in Need, a big thank you those who came along to our first event in our new Secondary School. I should also add that last Friday Key Stage 3 did really well at their disability sports day - they all had a go at every event, listened really well to what they needed to do. Aside from the amazing sports skills they showed, all of the children showed how supportive they are of each other, cheering each other on and waiting patiently for their turn. On Tuesday at the end of the day one of the County buses broke down and could not be repaired. The pupils had to move to one of our buses and Craig was a star telling me all the safety things that needed to happen – ‘Check Austin has his red clip and Joshua has a car seat…we all have to wear our seat belts’. Well done Craig! I have seen lots of examples of lovely work going on this week including the singing practises in Key Stage 1 have started and I heard some happy pupils in music hut, some lovely Aladdin work going on this week in Key Stage 2 and I was very pleased to see that Eliza at HAJC received a green card (HAJC system) for brilliant work in her inclusion science lesson and at primary that some pupils were proud of their certificates on Thursday - so proud they refused to go home without them! 

Meetings, Visits and CIN


The Governors had a good meeting with Richmond Governors on Saturday. They all seemed to enjoy the tour of the new school. The Governors continued with their meeting after the Richmond Governors had left and discussed a variety of items including recruitment to the two vacancies for Community Governors and their roles. On Monday it was wonderful to see how well Demeter and Hera settled at the new secondary site. They all did well to find their way around and seemed very happy in their classrooms. Later in the week we had some visitors to our primary school and it was lovely to show people around, all classes were engaged. In Mars the pupils were measuring liquid and were all focused, working in groups with very little support. In Jupiter the pupils were working on matching and working with more support practising their skills, all calm and happy to be there. The Key Stage One assembly looked equally engaging and the visitors commented on how well they all were joining in and even those struggling to sit were happy and being included in the group. Yesterday Kites and Owls worked really hard in English to complete their writing on Stanley Yelnats in Holes, they worked independently to complete their work and they had a lovely PHSE session yesterday afternoon where they worked together to make Brownies ready for the cake sale for Children in Need.

Packing, moving and the Red Ridge trip 


A very busy week getting the new site ready for the next 4 classes to move. I would like to say a big thank you to the staff who have been amazing, giving lots of extra time to pack, unpack and move things. This week it has been great to hear about the escapades of our pupils away at Red Ridge. So many achievements and opportunities to challenge themselves and although cold, the weather has been beautiful!.
Next week we will include some photos of the new site.
Have a good weekend and I hope to see many of you next week at Parents Evening.

First week back after half term


We have had a good four days so far this half term. Pupils came back full of energy!. There has been some super work going on. I have been especially impressed with some of the communication work from our youngest pupils at the school. This week I also enjoyed joining Neptune class for a lesson where they were learning about materials and the history of woollen clothing. The pupils are very good at asking sensible questions to find out more and although keeping the tie dying colours separate was a challenge they managed extremely well. We have more good news about the new site and will be moving phase 2 in on Tuesday 6th November and phase 3 pupils in the following week on Monday 12th November 2018. Please note that all Parent Evening meetings that are on Thursday 8th November for secondary pupils attending our main site or those who attend Hinckley Academy will be held at the new site on Barwell Lane, the address is as follows: Dorothy Goodman School, Barwell Lane, Hinckley. LE10 1SS. As usual primary pupils main base, Redmoor, Richmond pupils’ meetings will be held at Stoke Road. Letters will be in your child’s bag tonight. Have a good weekend. 

The end of a half term already!


A busy half term with lots happening and lots of achievements by the pupils. The secondary site on Barwell Lane is part completed and we are still keeping fingers crossed hoping the building will be finished for the first week in November - we will keep you posted. The pupils have been enjoying the space and especially the large shared places. We have had some super work experience going on with great reports about our young people working hard and efficiently at various establishments including Triumph. At other sites there have been some amazing sensory story work linking in with our texts for the half term - ‘Wombat goes walkabout’ being quite a favourite I think. Pupils new to the school have settled in well and it has been good to see them so confident around the primary sites.
I hope you all have a good half term and we will welcome our pupils back on Tuesday 23rd October.

The New Site 


Well four classes have moved in and are enjoying our new building. I must say a big thank you to all the staff who came in last weekend to ensure it was ready for the pupils this week. Not only did we move lots of equipment and resources we also cleaned so that everything was completely ready. The hall has been amazing for PE and lunch time - so much space. One magic moment was Chloe dancing in her electric wheelchair enjoying the space of the new hall. The pupils are settling in well although it still feels like we’re camping, but we are getting there!. Unfortunately we still do not have a date for the next phase of the school opening but I will let parents know as soon as we know. At the Middlefield Lane site the pupils are enjoying the extra space and there has been some very quick colonisation of the spaces that are now available. Hercules and Janus (KS3) classes went on a farm trip this week and have written, drawn or created some lovely letters to say thank you for the visit. My favourite comment was from Ellie C who said her favourite part was…’stepping in a cow pat’ she then demonstrated the sound it made very clearly!.
Have a great weekend.

Gymnastics, Water play and The New Site!


Learning in and out of school has continued this week. Annabel and Lauren took part in a gymnastics competition with Annabel winning bronze and Lauren getting gold - fantastic achievements where hard work and commitment have paid off. In lessons this week pupils have engaged in a range of learning experiences - over in Tigers pupils were learning a new song, with Freya picking up the pattern of the song really quickly. In Mars, water play kept the pupils engaged whilst learning about ‘stop’ and ‘more, with lots of modelling the pupils were beginning to respond to instructions and make requests about what they wanted.
We are all excited about four of our upper site classes moving in to the new build next week. A busy weekend ahead for our team to prepare everything for their arrival.
Have a great weekend.

Singing and Speaking


Another busy week with lots of achievements. On Monday some of our Key Stage 2 students went to join a singing festival rehearsal in Leicester, staff reported how superb the pupils were. They were focused for 2 hours on learning 8 new songs that they revisited over and over again. In Cherry’s words the pupils were ‘fab’!. Two of our older students at Hinckley Academy base had their ‘speech’ speaking assessments for their English exams this week. I understand Eliza’s went very well and I was privileged to hear the end of it during the week when she was practising. She spoke with passion and conviction about the challenges of homelessness. Lauren’s is today and we wish her well.
I hope you all have a good weekend.

Workshops, Sport and Work Experience


It has been a super week with many achievements. One of the highlights was for the 5 students from Atlas who were invited to an MATP workshop to develop ideas and show off their skills to people learning about the program from all over the UK.
Simon Roadley reported that the students took part in the activities brilliantly and the highlights were: Rhiannon working with a volunteer on kicking a ball, Mollie working on dropping and throwing different balls, Robert walking around a course and stepping over obstacles, Andie giving instructions to go through obstacles pulling a rope to go around a course and Kinjal engaged really well with a new activity after getting a head massage.
We have also had students very much enjoying their first day of Work Experience placements and the Interns giving very positive feedback about their first weeks. The building is still progressing well and we believe we are still on track for the new dates shared last week. Have a lovely weekend.

First full week back, music, the new caterers and our new school!


It has been lovely to welcome all of our pupils back at upper site this week. It has been an amazing week and they have all had a super start to the year. Some of the new pupils at upper have really enjoyed the bungalow garden - especially picking the apples!. The older pupils have been very supportive of those new to the site (staff and pupils) and some good new friendships are developing. Pupils have responded very well to their various lessons and pathways. Of particular note this week are IT, Hospitality and Catering and paper aeroplane Science!.
Sally-Ann has started her music sessions in EYFS & KS1 and is very pleased with how they are going in groups as well as the 1:1 sessions which have also been amazing. Kasper, Keian, Kara, Noah, Jack, Stanley and Henry went to the music hut brilliantly. Kasper played the drum in time to ‘hillybilly’ rock. Kara was responsive and attentive for the whole session and responded to every sound, she kept her hand on the speaker to feel the vibrations. Keian played the piano with individual fingers stretching up to the high notes and down to the low. Stanley stamped and danced in time with the music, Jack strummed the gui-tar in time for the whole of the song, Noah explored every instrument happily today and Henry had a lot of fun and was very focused throughout.
Our new caterers (Coombes Catering Partnership) have cooked some lovely food for the pupils and have overcome difficult access on the building site to make sure they can use the new kitchen ensuring the food is fresh and well prepared - and I would like to thank them for such flexibility and commitment.
In case you missed my message last week about the building… many of you will be wondering what is happening with the new secondary site on Barwell Lane. Unfortunately we still have a delay to our open-ing of the new build but have been able to ensure the catering kitchen is in place to provide some lovely meals for all our pupils. We are hoping to move the first 4 classes to the new building at the end of Sep-tember and then the rest of upper school after the half term break.

Welcome back lower and base sites!


Lower school and the satellite bases have had a super start to the new academic year. It has been lovely to welcome all our new pupils who have all settled in extremely well. Our Year 7 pupils at the satellite bases look very smart in their new uniforms. During the last few days it has be great to see the Key Stage 2 pupils playing in the big playground and EYFS and Key Stage 1 using the younger adventure play area. I was amazed at how EYFS and Key stage 1 came in and were ready to engage with all their class activities which were set up ready for them.
Many of you will be wondering what is happening with the new secondary site on Barwell Lane. Unfortunately we still have a delay to our opening of the new build but have been able to ensure the catering kitchen is in place to provide some lovely meals for all our pupils. We are hoping to move the first 4 classes to the new building at the end of September and then the rest of upper school after the half term break.
I hope you have a good weekend and we look forward to seeing all our young people return to school on Monday.

Reflecting on the academic year


Here we are at the end of our school year 2017/2018, every year seems to pass more quickly! What an amazing year we have had from starting our new build last September, through winter months, having some interesting pizza lunchtimes and snow days due to the Beast from the East and on to this term with some amazing sports and fitness events in scorching heat and of course our leavers prom and awards ceremony. I have also had the great privilege of attending the graduation for our Interns at Cadent this week. We have had lots of residentials and fun events but what is also important is the hard work and commitment day to day from all our staff. Our staff are extremely skilled at supporting your children to achieve so well, from learning to communicate a preference to gaining a GCSE. Every achievement is as important as the other. It has been lovely to see so many of you at various events culminating in the after-noon tea on Wednesday which was a lovely event even with the TV cameras!.

Moving on week 


We have had a fabulous Moving On week for our older students. They have had so many varied experiences with industry tours, DWP mock interviews, working with other providers such as Achieve with us, Farm visits and the fire service visiting school with one of the fire engines. The students have made us very proud and organisations have been very impressed making comments such as ‘We have had a fantastic day, was an absolute pleasure and the children and staff were all brilliant.’ We have also been supporting Coventry Building Society with their charity, a few pupils from Key Stage 2 have visited over a few days this week. Ewan and Charley really enjoyed their trip, they were chatting to the customers. One customer bought £10 of raffle tickets whilst they were there! The group who attended the Triumph workshop had learnt about motorbikes and the engineering task to build something that would protect an egg. I understand some teams were more successful than others! As we approach the final week of the term we still have no clear date for the opening of the new building. Alison King and I will be meeting with the builders very regularly over the summer. I will keep everyone informed as we gather more information from the builders. We have made sure all pupils have a classroom until it is finished.


 Summer fayre, Sports week and Bronze Duke of Edinburgh


Nearing the end of term and what a busy time we are having. It was lovely to see so many of you at the Summer fayre and thank you for helping us raise so much money. This week we have had our Health and Sports week. There have been lots of activities including Judo, Yoga, three sports day events (the final one this morning for secondary pupils). The pupils from Key Stage 1 and 2 enjoyed their sports activities and pupils and staff were all very appreciative of the ice lol-lies made by Tarell’s Mum. Our Bronze Duke of Edinburgh teams managed walking and camp-ing in the heat - all pupils tried really hard and made lots of effort and nearly all completed the expedition successfully. We have also had some visits to the new school this week and have some fabulous pictures of the turret skylights in the new school. Have a great weekend.

The Peak District and the Triangia stove 

It was good to see so many of you at Parents Evening this week and I hope you found it useful to meet the staff who will be teaching your child next year.

This week our Silver Duke of Edinburgh expedition team have been walking and camping in the Peak District. All has gone well and they have demonstrated excellent team work and skills in navigation (even when they went wrong they found a way back!). They have pitched their tents well and cooked some tasty meals on the Trangia stove. I would like to thank all the staff who take our pupils on their residential visits (we have had lots this year) as all give their time freely and work extra long hours to make sure our pupils can gain these extremely valuable experiences.

Adventures in Sherwood Forest


This week we have had three trips to Sherwood Forest for Key Stage 2 pupils. Two groups have had an overnight stay and one group opted for a long day trip. All have had a super time and it has been good to see the smiling but rather tired faces on their return! They have been involved in den building, sensory stories in the woods and one of the favourites...having a dip in the hot tub. We have heard about lots of cooperation between the pupils and about how much they have challenged themselves to complete some of the adventurous activities as well as making their own pizzas!
Don't forget this week coming is Parents Evening when you will have an opportunity to meet your child’s new teacher. Next weekend - 23rd June is our summer fayre and I do hope we will see lots of you there joining in the fun - not least soaking the teacher!

An excellent start to the last half term of the academic year

The last half term of the year began well, pupils appear refreshed after the half term break. It is work as usual for many and tests and exams for others. Pupils have been very busy and I have seen some super work across the school - in Key Stage 2 two pupils showing a clear understanding of division, in Key Stage 3 one of the pupils showing much better use of his zones of regulation which help him understand his emotions and manage different situations more appropriately. I have seen pupils exploring new materials including coal and I have tasted some super cooking! Preparations for our Summer Fayre on June 23rd are going well and we are looking forward to this. I do hope you will join us as we strive to have lots of fun and raise some money at the same time! I also know that our Year 6 pupils (and staff) are looking forward to their residential and day trip next week.

Dancing through the decades and Royal Wedding Celebrations


Another fun filled week with a fabulous performance at the Curve by the After School Dance Club. The pupils were ‘Dancing through the Decades’ with the bright colours and vibrant moves from the 1990s. Pupils were confident and added a touch of their personal styles to the performances which was lovely to see. Pupil’s from the upper site who went to see the matinee performance were very complimentary of the dancing.
The Royal Wedding has been the focus of lots of learning with pupils preparing, cooking and sharing food together. It has been lovely to see the positive interactions between the pupils with some classes joining together to celebrate the special event. Photos of the Royal Wedding events will feature in next week’s Newsletter. Have a good weekend.

Practice Expedition for Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Team

This week our Duke of Edinburgh Bronze team have been on their practice expedition. Everyone was really enthusiastic in the beginning. The young people have been amazing. Team work has been really strong and they have all supported each other. They did 7 hours of walking on day one with only one shoe malfunction! This morning they packed away their tents ready for the final leg of the journey. The pupils have used the maps and picture books independently and have worked hard to overcome fears of some of the animals that they have met on route. What a great experience for them all - they should sleep well once at home tonight!.

The Return of Redridge on May the Fourth


I think we are all looking forward to some good weather for the long weekend especially those very tired staff who return from a week at Redridge today!. The trip has gone very well and our older students have had some amazing experiences and enjoyed some incredible successes. They have been kayaking, rock climbing, caving, zip-wiring and some also had a trip to the beach. Apparently they had a very competitive day yesterday in three Canadian canoes, paddling them down the canal. They all made it onto the water straight away. Some boats had more paddlers than others, some boats found the bank and the trees more than others and some boats were very competitive!. A fun last day had by all. We look forward to welcoming them all back today. Back at school, Key Stage 2 Forest schools also had a great session on Wednesday in some very muddy and wet conditions. The teacher commented on how there was some fantastic teamwork, building bridges, climbing trees and discovering how deep some of the "puddles" were - think Vicar of Dibley!. Lots of fun was had thanks to some very muddy and wet but enthusiastic staff!.

Have a good long weekend



I have seen some fantastic work over the week from artwork in Venus class stimulated by pictures of a Tsunami to working out money calculations in Hawks and Athena. However, I think the magic moment was in Key Stage 2  with a pupil taking her first independent steps. I am not sure who was more pleased the pupil, the Teacher, the other staff or the pupils Mum!. There have been other super moments for example, Kelly was pleased to see lots of pupils using their communication aids really well during her observations. All busy hard working pupils, they are all ready for the weekend I am sure



It was good to see so many of you at the Parents Evening before the holiday. Many of you have already downloaded our new School Communication App which will let us send you texts and messages direct to your phones. So far those with the app seem happy that it is working well. We hope it will address your comments about needing more targeted communication. It has been a good week back after the rather wet Easter break. The pupils have all been working hard and of course there has been great excitement for the Year 8 pupils on their residential at PGL. We have heard lots about the trip already - they have been enjoying kayaking, campfire singing, zip wire, sensory trails, orienteering and a disco - I think there may be some very tired pupils when they return today. Our new building is rapidly going up. It more and more feels like a real building with walls and a roof! The very wet and very cold weather have had an impact on the timeline but they are hoping to catch up over the next few months. We will keep you informed if there is to be any delay to the final opening date. Today we say goodbye to Liam who has been leading our fundraising. He has an opportunity to progress his career and with family commitments has made the decision to move on from working at Dorothy Goodman School. He is still very much a supporter of the school and has worked hard to ensure our Ambassadors and the businesses who support us, will remain with us. I am sure you will all join me in wishing Liam all the best in the future. Have a good weekend



An interesting first week back after half term. We have three new pupils starting at the school, one who came for a visit to Kites this week and one who started in Neptune class. Another pupil will be starting in the next week or so. This week we have had a junk modelling mini beasts competition in KS2 assembly, launching next week’s ‘Creativity Week’. The pupils undertook the competition with great enthusiasm and on a similar theme I was later asked which ‘bug’ I was scared of - the scorpion won for me!. Hercules have visited the new site this week and it is good to see the walls going up. At lower site Lemurs have been trying to sell a cow, driving a hard bargain - eventually they accepted magic beans but a few really wanted gold!. As the cold comes back I hope we will stay snow free next week but we will let you know as soon as we can if there are any implications for school. Please see at the end of the newsletter a consultation from Leicestershire about school term times.




A busy week to end the half term. We have had Chinese Warrior dancing, rock climbing, a trip to the Space Centre and of course all the work we usually do!. I have had the pleasure of observing some super lessons this week including a sensory story in Lemurs class. I also enjoyed reading a poem by one of our older pupils  it was quite an achievement. Also this week we have had an update meeting about the new build. Alison and I were very pleased to be able to walk around the inside (now it has a roof) but also to be able to climb the scaffolding staircase to look over the roof scape and the land. It gave a great perspective of what a treat it will be to have some space! Have a good half term and we look forward to welcoming the children and young people back on Monday 19 February.

Well done to our D of E walkers 



I cannot believe we only have one week until half term break where did the spring term go?. It didn’t feel like Spring on Monday when the weather threw everything it could at the D of E walkers but they all said how much they enjoyed being outside even when the heavens opened and they got a little wet!.
On Tuesday a second visit to the new school from Tyche meant lots of questions (which was really good) ranging from whether there would be a place for pupils to rest inside the school, to what food would be available. On Wednesday the KS4 & 5 Animal Care groups had a fantastic day at Leicester Race Course.
Some of us at Upper school benefited from expert cooking skills of Jamie and Josh who made delicious millionaires’ shortbread. Claire was very impressed with Theo at his Annual Review. He was very clear about his needs that will not change and how he can develop independence with the needs he has, for example how he moves round the classroom and who is the best person to have his microphone for his hearing device in different settings. Have a good weekend.




Thank you to those parents who came in to help us decide on the communication app for parents. It was, I hear, a very good meeting and your contributions and ideas were all very welcome.
We have had some super work going on this week. Mia, in Key Stage 3, had new splints fitted and successfully walked (while being supported by staff) from her classroom to my office such determination and great delight when she arrived to receive her sticker and certificate. We were all very impressed with her determination and desire to keep going. Kyle H in Key Stage 5 had a successful first work experience placement this week and although initially reluctant to go he was full of all he had done on the way back to school. Olivia in Key Stage 2 set her own target this year of swimming at the leisure centre. Last term she worked so hard in the hydro pool on her physio programme that she achieved her dream and went swimming at the leisure centre on Monday  another great example of determination!.




A few people have been asking about the building project and progress so far. The building is progressing well and the latest photos show how much of the construction has been completed & the roofing is still there after the wind this week!.
Jamie in Jupiter gave Claire and Victoria a massive cooking challenge yesterday – the challenge being the cooking not the pupils!. So the pupils explored their own recipes using the ingredients – Ethan B has a very sweet tooth while Abbi prefers the butter!. I would love to see what they looked like. I really enjoyed having lunch with Danish this week and it was also good to see Zara trying to use her knife and George asking for help when he needed it sensibly. Later in the week, during a budget meeting it was also fun to be joined by Tino, Paul, Cassie-Jane and Jo L-O!.
Have a good weekend.




Happy New Year. It has been a super start to the year with lots of learning going on. It has been good to see how much they have retained over the holiday. Pupils are refreshed and ready to come back to school. Craig in Mars was the first to receive a Head Teacher’s award this year with some super work done all by himself in Maths and writing about planets and space. He was closely followed by Matthew and Ellie with their handwashing Science experiments and then by Harrison who had taken over the teacher’s role in his class to teach about the planets. This week the DIY pathway group were (and always will be) the first group of students to have set foot inside our new school!. They stood in the Library and then moved inside the reception area. The whole group were unusually but understandably speechless!. It was a great tour and they all respected and abided by the rules impeccably. As many of you know last term some of our Key Stage 3 pupils took part in the Shakespeare for Schools Festival and we have had our official feedback which is really good to read (see later in the newsletter) a great achievement for them all. Have a lovely weekend.




This will be our last Newsletter this term. What a festive time we have had...although sadly we had to close on Monday, on Tuesday the weather also gave us a challenge especially when Redmoor and Hinckley Academy closed. Our pupils from the two bases were placed across the classes at lower school and the pupils were brilliant at helping with lots of jobs or supporting younger children a great ad hoc work experience for them all and a very tidy library for lower school!. Our staff team worked well to ensure all pupils had dinner (Morrisons and Dominoes helped out as well!) and I would like to thank all the staff for pulling together to make it a super day for the pupils. Christmas dinner and parties have been successful this week and I was surprised at how many pupils like sprouts! KS3 had a super trip out and KS1 & 2 met Santa courtesy of the Fire service helping him out. At Cadent Christmas Fair our Interns and some of our older pupils, Sophie, Harry and Daniel, had a lovely day supported by Georgina. The students were amazing very well mannered, mature and professional sales people. They made £35 for Animal Care selling dog treats, £18 for Enterprise selling items the students have made and £8 for DIY pathway selling candle holders that the students had also made. Daniel wasn’t keen at first but then asked if he could go to Cadent again the next day and Harry has already been thinking of new enterprise ideas for next year. Although we had to cancel the productions we are all looking forward to them next week. I hope to see many of you at one of the productions or the church service. It is then just time for me to wish you all the best for the festive season (will it be a white one I wonder?). I hope you have a good few weeks and I wish you all the best for the New year.



Christmas is fast approaching and our pupils are working hard at making things and practising for their respective performances or organising catering arrangements for the afternoon tea at upper site. It has been good to see some very creative decorations being made and some festive dishes being cooked (delicious aromas apart from the burnt ones!). Key Stage 2 had a great time at Drayton Manor this week where much to their delight Santa made a guest appearance during lunch. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the rides although some of the staff looked a little green when talking about them!. I would like to thank Market Bosworth Rotary Club particularly Brian Cox, John Hayes and Robert Braidwood for helping to make it happen. I believe they are now on a mission to collect more Lego for us. I hope you all have a good weekend and I look forward to seeing you at one of the events over the forthcoming week and a half.



The weather may be getting colder but the pupils are still working hard as we begin to prepare for a selection of special events. Please feel free to send in extra outdoor clothing to keep pupils warm whilst out playing. Across the school pupils have been exploring different countries and cultures and the bustle of the classroom has been linked to learning about the sights, smells and sounds of Asia for Kites and Owls in Key Stage 3 and of Spain in Key Stage 2. Anton has found a new career aspiration of becoming a bullfighter. Key Stage 5 have started their enterprise scheme
We are pleased to announce that we have two new Co Chairs on our Governing Body following the resignation of our long standing Chair, Jeffrey Bowes. Jeffrey will continue to be a member of the Governing Body, but we would like to express our sincere thanks to him for the many years of passionate leader-ship as the Chair. In his place we have Caroline Henton and Simon Love who have taken on the role as Co Chairs and we also have Christopher White who has taken on the role of Vice Chair. We would like to welcome them in their new roles and thank them for offering their service to the School.
Also, we are also very pleased to welcome Mr Anthony Carr as a new Parent Governor following the recent election and, again, many thanks to Anthony for offering his services. We look forward to the contiued success of the Governing Body’s role and support within the School. Have a good weekend.

Wonderful Team Work


This week we had some colleagues from another school visiting us and observing in classes. They were very impressed with many of the things they saw and commented particularly on the ‘lovely multi-sensory approach in Early Years which had such an individualised approach meeting all the pupils’ needs. Staff were very clear about what each needed to achieve and links between music, textures and visuals. Observers enjoyed the snowflakes and wanted to stay longer!’. They also enjoyed the Key Stage 2 music lesson in the music hut and were impressed with the pupils’ persistence and concentration. They saw wonderful team work and focus at Forest schools with pupils achieving extremely well. I was pleased to see some fantastic independent Maths work from Ellie C and Matthew K this week as well as being able to reward Kieran T for his polite request for friends to play with him. We would also like to congratulate Jamie Rayner on the birth of his son this week. He and his family are all well. Have a good weekend.




What another busy week; on Monday a group of students performed at the Curve as part of the ‘Shakespeare in Schools’ project. There were so many great moments but Finn telling the audience to 'come back next year to watch Macbeth 2' and Jack saying 'it was the best day ever,' said how much the whole experience had meant to them all. The feedback for our performers from the festival director for the Curve was super. He mentioned how confident they were and what great composure they had on stage. He commented on how the actors owned every word and was especially impressed with the witches scream. He talked about how well they created the dark atmosphere of Macbeth using their voices and movement ensuring the audience understood a scary world. They worked extremely well together as a company and sold the story to the audience showing how the characters felt, who held the power, in summary they were ‘great story tellers and amazing actors’. On Thursday the Curve then came to the upper site to deliver a workshop and the pupils were very engaged during the afternoon session.
On Tuesday, three members of our School Council attended the Local Democracy Event at the Hinckley Hub. It was girl power (Olivia.R, Amy H and Alexie C). The girls were very well behaved and sat and listened well, chatted to the different councillors and did a group task with children from Richmond, which was nice as we now know them. They were a credit to the school well done to all.
Also on Tuesday we hosted a visit from colleagues who work at Ashfield Academy in Leicester they were here to look at our employability provision and met with Louise G, Gail (from Oakwood) and Sue W.
At the time of writing there are lots of interesting dressing up in support of Children in Need day today as one of the charities chosen by our Key Stage 1 & 2. Have a great weekend.



I had a super learning walk this week across a number of classes. I saw some lovely engagement and interaction in our early years classes and one group dancing with great enthusiasm before being ready to work. I saw some super number ordering and a very interactive sensory session happening with the pu-pils wearing the new waterproof all in one suits which meant they could become fully involved. Some of our older pupils in Key stage 2 were making decisions about things they would take in a holiday suitcase either for a hot holiday or a cold holiday some were learning to spell some tricky words as well. I was glad to hear about toothbrushes being packed!. At upper school the highlight for some of our pupils this week was working with people from the University on creating virtual reality games to help our older pupils make choices about their futures. Kieran W and Elizabeth were very motivated by the workshop. What was also impressive was how they spoke to the visitors. Another highlight from upper has to be Rhiannon asserting herself in the hydropool and signing clearly to Rachel her teacher what she wanted to happen. You will see from our photographs that the steel structure for the new build is nearly complete and we can now really see which area will be which room. Have a great weekend.



This week we have had a very successful Communication week with many special events across the whole school, focusing on Superheroes and Villains. The pupils have responded very well to the theme. I have seen some amazing pictures, costumes and written descriptions of various superheroes and their powers as well as some grizzly villains. A highlight has been the multi-sensory storytelling organised and ran by Dan and Mark again (known as ‘Danilson’ to the pupils!). Today we are looking forward to welcoming a guest who runs ‘Everything with words’, a storytelling workshop, involving masks and puppets for pupils in Key stage 2 and 3. This was a successful event yesterday at upper site. Tag rugby, ran by WASPs coaching, has also been a favourite activity with Owls and Kites this week and last. They will be moving to work with the Richmond site later in the month. School photos seemed to go well and we look forward to seeing the results. We also had our first official pupil visit to the new build site. Stephen, the building site manager, took the pupils round and showed them the plans and helped them see which part would become which room. Once again there is lots going on at the school and within all of this pupils are also working hard day to day and achieving a great deal. I hope you all have a good weekend.



On Monday an excited group of our secondary aged pupils left for a residential visit to Red Ridge. They have tried lots of activities including the Zipwire, caving (in an artificial cave) and the Tarzan swing which apparently is as scary as it sounds! It was lovely to hear about Josh C’s singing and Daisy C teaching and interacting with other pupils at the Centre and teaching them how to dance. A big thank you to the staff who have supported this all week.
This week I have spent some time in Lemurs where I saw some super independence developing in with the pupils learning to get changed following PE and in Mars pupils were asking questions, very clearly about the colour of peoples’ eyes and making tally charts.
This week we have also seen the steel structure for the new build arrive and it is amazing to see the shape of the building starting.



It was lovely to hear that so many of you attended our ‘New parents to DGS event’ yesterday held at Hinckley Rugby Club. Thank you to Julie, Kay, Joanne and Louise for running this. I hope you found it useful and we hope to support all parents and families with similar events throughout the year. In the next few weeks we look forward to seeing many of you at our Harvest Festival events. We will also be holding a parent forum in October and a family Makaton session in November. Please let us know if there are things you would like us to support you with so that we can plan sessions for the future. Dates for parent events are listed on this newsletter and on our website. This week I have seen lots more super work. We have had more sensory dragon adventures in Key Stage 2 alongside our reading and some tricky maths. At upper school, alongside lots of hard work, the annual reviews for this years leavers have been taking place. It has been a pleasure to hear their contributions about what they want in their future. This week Kelly told me how Elouise, usually a very shy person, excelled at talking in her meeting even with new, unfamiliar people present a great achievement. I hope you all have a good weekend.




Last weekend two of our students took the upper school cake creations to the G Sellers Bake Off and coffee morning. The staff reported… It was lovely to take Kieran and Elizabeth to the Bake Off on Saturday although none of our 3 entries won we all had a lovely time and the venue was packed. It was great that Kellie was able to bring Mollie along (she really enjoyed the cake) and it was lovely to see Maxine and her family supporting the event. Kieran really flourished and had responsibility for taking some photos of the judging getting that close meant that even though he didn't win, he knew he got a top score for an element of his cake which he was really pleased about. He took some great pictures and our favourite, which made us all laugh, was an action shot of David the judge (eating cake!). I hope you all have a good weekend.



This week started off well with the company, who are mending our roof, leading an assembly for Key Stage 2. Sam and Liz explained why they are working at our school - great demonstration of a leaking roof! They then explained the safety aspects of wearing hard hats, hivis jackets and staying away from the fencing around the school. I think the pupils liked the leaking roof the best! Pupils have also been working hard this week. I especially enjoyed joining the classes at Richmond base where Neptune were involved in science investigations with electric circuits, Saturn were finding out good questions to ask to find out about new friends and Tigers were exploring lots of different activities to do with their book ‘Where the wild things are.’ Enjoy your weekend.



This week our first full week of term has been busy and productive. Throughout the week I have seen some fabulous work. On Monday many of the pupils had their swimming session at the leisure centre. Our new arrangements mean that we as a school are following each other into the sessions rather than other schools. This meant that we were more able to give our pupils the time they need to learn to get dry and dressed without being as rushed. I have seen lots of calculations in Key Stage 3 maths lessons, some super reading and communication work in all year groups across the school. At upper we have some very enthusiastic gardeners and I was very privileged to be given some beans from the garden carefully picked by Harley. Also this week the hospitality and catering pathway called me in to judge a chocolate cake competition (perks of being the Headteacher). The two teams had been practising for the G Sellers coffee morning cake competition which is happening next weekend. The cakes were clearly the pupils’ own work both looked great and were delicious – it was a draw, one for the expert bake, the other for the taste! Also at upper pupils have been following instructions to create slime in science/art (very vibrant colours) and pupils were fascinated with its properties even being able to blow it up like a balloon. There was also a wonderful sensory/PE session at lower school based on the funfair theme he pupils thoroughly enjoyed being engaged in the physical aspects as well as some clear learning about cause and effect. I think the pupils will be ready for the weekend!
Thank you to the Stoke Fest organisers for making our school one of their charities. Ben Burgess represented our school extremely well and was delighted with his surprise role distributing the prizes and awards to the winners of the festival.




Welcome to our new pupils and welcome back after what I hope was a good summer for our other pupils. Every week we send an electronic version of this newsletter to parents as it contain useful dates and information about things that have happened at school and things that will be happening. We will also be including regular lost property photos to help return some of the non-named items we find to their rightful home (please name items as this helps us tremendously to make sure all pupils’ belongings are kept together).
This week we have sent pupils new to the school a paper copy of this newsletter but please make sure we have your email address so that in future we can email this out to you.
We have had a good start to the new school year and pupils have settled well. I have seen lots a great engagement in lessons and some excellent work going on. It has also been lovely to witness more established pupils helping new pupils to the school or just those who are new to a different site. There was great excitement yesterday as a group of older students joined me for the turning of the soil a ceremonial moment highlighting the start of our new building work on Barwell Lane which will replace our upper school building from September 2018. This year we have some changes to how our health care and school nursing is provided please read to the end of the newsletter as we have shared these arrangements in detail. I hope you all have a good weekend and please do not hesitate to contact school if you have any queries.



The end of another fantastic year of achievements by our young people. There are too many to mention but the range is amazing and really significant for every individual from pupils improving their communication using eye-gaze, improving their mobility and motivation to get up and move to students gaining accreditation and employment. They have all worked extremely hard and deserve their success. We have finished the year with lots of different events and visits. The leavers enjoyed a day at Bosworth water park with canoeing and adventure on the programme. We have had Key Stage 3 classes visiting a local farm which they have thoroughly enjoyed; Key Stage 2 reenacting the battle of Bosworth and visiting the battlefields; Key Stage 1 ventured as far as Birmingham to the Think Space and had a great time exploring everything. The Key Stage 3 prom was a great success with pupils looking very smart and glamorous enjoying the Limo rides and the pizzas! There was also some fabulous dancing particularly from Owls class! It was wonderful to see so many parents at the afternoon tea at upper yesterday and a big thank you to the leavers’ parents who brought us such a generous gift to replenish the staff room equipment! Last night the Upper school and HAJC prom was a wonderful event as well. The students looked amazing and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It is these events which help to make the significant memories for our children and young people.
I would like to thank all the staff for their hard work and extra efforts over and above their jobs to make sure these events are a great success for our children and young people. I wish all our leavers success and happiness in their next stage of life and I hope you all have a good summer and I look forward to welcoming your children back on Tuesday 29th August (and the start of building our new upper school!)




The penultimate week of term and we have had lots of super Moving On events for our older pupils visiting a variety of work places. We have also had various providers in school who can offer different work and life experiences for young people. Some of the highlights included young people who attended the Moving On event with all the stalls speaking to various exhibitors in very age appropriate ways - Karl from HAJC was particularly mentioned by one exhibitor as having had a very positive conversation about his future options. We were disappointed that only one or two parents were able to attend the event but the students benefited massively from looking at and finding out about options they may wish to be involved with in the future when they leave school. I would like to say a big thank you to Sue Whawell who has organised and coordinated all the events for Moving On week as it has been very successful. Also big congratulations to the DofE group for their successful expedition earlier this week camping, navigating and walking!



A very busy and sporty week. We have had lots of different sports and fitness events from Dance to Rugby. The Key Stage sports days have been a great success so far with KS3,4 and 5 happening today. Curling was a highlight in Key Stage 1 and I think the sensory cushion sledge was a highlight for Key Stage 2! A big thank you to Tarrell’s Mum for making the fresh fruit and yoghurt lollies for every pupil in KS2 to have at the end of the event (having first checked allergies!). We have also had a few farm trips and trips to Bosworth battlefields this week. There was also an interesting reenactment of the battle by Venus in the ball court earlier this week!
Next week is moving on week for our older students with lots of activities around life after school work and leisure and I hope you join us for the moving on event on Wednesday 5 July. I hope you all have a good weekend.



On Wednesday group of our pupils from different year groups who have been working on the Sinfonia Viva Project performed at De Montfort Hall in Leicester. Their performance was wonderful and extremely inspiring. The involvement of the pupils, their confidence and musicality was impressive. From Tegan controlling the orchestra to Callum playing the wonderful piano in the hall. Molly enjoyed herself but I think was a little thrown by the lights as they came on but she still listened and kept Jenny on her toes when moving about! Mayan and Sam MH who often lack confidence obviously enjoying the experience singing and playing the rhythm. Luke J and Josh B clearly following the conductor, Leighton holding the baseline and of course the batman theme with Bradley on the trumpet. Lennon responding and playing his instrument throughout even the crescendo of pushing it to the floor seemed well timed! Elizabeth singing and playing percussion also following when to play the final drum’s rhythm. It is such a privilege to be part of such positive experiences with our pupils and I am very grateful to all the staff who work so hard to make them a success. The members of the orchestra all commented how much they had enjoyed working with our pupils the challenges and the magic moments! They also said how welcome they had been made to feel. It now looks as if the excessive heat is over but I do hope it stays fine tomorrow for our Summer Fayre and I hope I will see many of you there.



I am struggling to believe how quickly this term is going by! This week we have had our Year 6 residential visit to Beaumanor when I was writing this they were all having a great time. Our older pupils have had a day out at Drayton Manor and all behaved exceptionally well one highlight came from one of our pupils, Jamie B, who whilst queuing for one of the roller coasters noticed another student from another school becoming upset and not wanting to go on the ride. Apparently Jamie calmed them down and managed to convince them to give it a try and the child enjoyed it in the end. Staff were extremely proud of Jamie.
We have had the first performance from the Sinfonia Viva Project yesterday. I would like to congratulate our young performers for their excellent effort, concentration and hard work. Some of my magic moments were seeing Leighton hold the tune on his guitar, Sam & Dickie hold the rhythm on drums, Abigail involving herself in many aspects of the performance while keeping rhythm, Elizabeth singing clearly and the obvious enjoyment of Kieran T in the audience.
We have also had a ‘maths in real life’ focus this week and I have spoken to some very motivated students from upper school who have found the links to money very interesting - some of them went to use a cash card at an ATM for the first time we have also explained you have to earn the money before taking it out! Another super but very busy week and now time for a restful weekend!



Over the last few weeks some of our pupils we have been involved in a special music project. Mark Wilson has been leading on this from school (and Rachel Barker stepped in when Mark’s baby was born!) Mark has been delighted with the response and it his report I include here today...During the Sinfonia Viva music project there has been some excellent leadership and communication going on. Bradley has had the confidence to try the trumpet for the first time and after an hour working with José (Viva Team) was able to play the Batman Theme tune entirely independently he even asked to take the trumpet home to practice (apologies to his Mum!) Joshua B & Luke J were using the piano and keyboards to contribute towards the whole ensemble composition and held their parts independently and confidently. Similarly, Callum M was able to maintain and hold a steady repeating pulse entirely on his own as well as demonstrating his broad knowledge and skill by playing the 'Church Bell Chimes' on the piano. Sam M-H has grown in confidence to be able to lead the group playing a repeated drum pattern as has Leighton who has developed his guitar skills to be able to accompany the group and independently maintain his own musical motif. Elizabeth worked outstandingly well to compose her own song about her love of singing and how important her friends and family are she has really impressed the Viva Team! Molly, Lennon & Emily have also all experienced a variety of instruments, rhythms and songs and have interacted and responded to each other, staff and the Viva Team in so many positive but unique ways it has been fantastic to see reactions that are rarely seen within the classroom setting.
So far throughout the project it has been great to see how our young people have thrived on new challenges and have surpassed all of our expectations. The Sinfonia Viva team have been so impressed by our young people's determination, creativity and individuality and have thrived on creating & performing music in a completely unique and bespoke way.
What more can I say!



A hot and sunny week where once again lots has been happening. You can read later down the newsletter about the students training for Duke of Edinburgh bronze award. We were all very proud of their achievements and especially their teamwork and perseverance. We have seen some super work throughout the week from pupils investigating crime scenes to some wonderful clay sculptures. Frequently the senior team carry out lesson observations and this week has been no exception. We have seen some great work from pupils working together in groups with nearly all pupils very well focused. There was a great variety of learning tasks and pupils were really proud of what they were learning. Kate was also impressed with how well some of the pupils were using their communication aids. I hope you all received the letters about class groups yesterday and I wish you a good half term - I hope the weather stays good! We return to school on Monday 5th June.



As you will be able to read in the various Key Stage reports we have had a very successful Rights and Respect week with a theme of Belonging. We have encouraged the pupils to experience a range of different cultures and places of worship and to understand differences in culture and beliefs with respect. We have had Bollywood dancing when the pupils joined in with great enthusiasm and many were very skilled at the style of dance. The KS3 trip to the Sikh temple was a great success all of Key Stage 3 behaved impeccably, Daniel M and Jack E were very inquisitive and were asking lots of questions. All the pupils were a credit to the school, and were very respectful to the Sikh community, covering their heads and removing their shoes. The same was true for the KS2 trip to a local church and the KS5 trip to the Buddhist temple and the journeys on public transport there and back. We have also had many activities within school including a morning finding out about Gypsy traveller communities and customs. The pupils engaged really well with all the activities set up and learnt a great deal while also having fun. Thank you to many of the parents who have helped us establish the events this week including Mr and Mrs Price and Mrs Dattani.
We have also had more good news as one of our pupils based as an intern at National Grid has been offered a job while another has been offered a job with Barwell Parish council. Congratulations to both Jake and Luke.


On Wednesday night we held the Upper school awards ceremony We were so pleased to see so many of you there. It was a true celebration of resilience and hard work. It was lovely to catch up with the students who left last year and I know many of the current students enjoyed meeting up with old friends. I was also very pleased that the students from Redmoor who join us for our pathways curriculum attended to collect their awards and certificates. Jeffrey our chair of governors began the proceedings with a wonderful quote about being yourself and it was especially good that our three Members (Jeffrey Bowes, Joseph Barsby and John Lees) who oversee the Academy Trust were able to attend and present some of the awards. Sam Harrison also made it just for the last 15 minutes! Unfortunately Jenny our other ambassador who was due to attend had to cancel at the last minutes due to a family emergency. Many people commented on how well the pupils had achieved and how much they enjoyed the event being special and giving recognition to the students for all their achievements.
Also this week we have had a group of our Year 8 students out on a residential trip at PGL. The trip has gone very well. Highlights so far have been: Chloe making her way around the high ropes course which was very scary (Simon can vouch for that): all pupils going kayaking including a brave Atheana and Jack M who didn't want to at first; Lucas finding out he is a star archer and Reece demonstrating an excellent elephant impression! All the pupils enjoyed making shelters and whittling wood on survivor day yesterday and apparently Christopher made an excellent spearhead. On the sensory trail the pupils worked together on communication and following their senses to avoid obstacles, Daisy did a very good job. Their last day will be more archery, climbing and going on a giant swing before travelling back to school. Enjoy the long weekend



We have reached the end of another busy term with lots going on including various sporting events most recently the Key Stage 2 athletics and Key Stage 3 Boccia competition. As ever our pupils were a credit to the school and were all good sports! I was pleased so many of you were able to attend parents evening or at another time during the last week and thank you to those who completed the parent questionnaire. If you did not have a chance to do this please email the office and they will send you the link electronically so that you can complete it.
It was lovely to see so many of you yesterday at the Easter service. It is always such a pleasure to see all the pupils of the school together. I thought the pupils’ singing, dancing and signing were great and it was lovely to see some super hats and art-work as well. I am sorry we did not have microphones for the readers of the prayer but the leads were not long enough...Tom is going to rectify this before our next service.

Another Successful week



Congratulations to Luke one of our older students who has been offered an apprenticeship with a landscaping and gardening company following his internship this year with Hinckley and Bosworth Council. We are also very proud of Leah Jo who performed at a concert as part of Redmoor Academy choir. She did a wonderful job representing Dorothy Goodman, completely by herself within another school choir and she has been very dedicated to this. I would also like to thank the staff who have sup-ported her at various times outside school hours to ensure she can participate. This week we have also seen contributions from many of our pupils as part of the ‘Area schools litter pick’ working to raise community awareness and a concern for the local environment. They worked very hard and deserve recognition for their positive contribution to the local community. Only one week to go before the end of term - where has the time gone! I hope we see many of you at the church service next Thursday at St Peter's church arrival after 10:15am for a 10:30am start.



A busy week with lots of visitors and visits out. Starting the week off with a visit from Rebekah Vardy and baby much to the delight of many of the pupils. We have also welcomed colleagues from Leicester College, Mair Health care and Mandy a PGCE student who has been based with us for a week. This week Beth has also returned for her final student placement in Turtles and Tigers. Some of our older students have been out visiting colleges - one group went to RNIB on Monday and had a lovely time designing their own cloth bags and making pizza. Daniel W’s pizza looked especially delicious. Another student visited Brooks-by College but was disappointed he didn't see as many animals as he expected! Across school there has been lots of hard work from dissecting fish in Kestrels class, some excellent Shelbourne movement sessions to tricky multiplication in Owls. Such variety and great problem solving from all our pupils.

Cooking up a storm


Spring is definitely in the air and pupils are working and playing hard as a result. This week we have seen lots of active play outside including teenage boys at upper who usually like to play computer games during breaks! Wednesday was a busy day: HAJC was closed so our base pupils had to move to St Francis centre for their lessons at short notice they all managed this extremely well and our thanks to the centre for accommodating us at short notice; Kwoklyn Wan joined the hospitality and catering group much to their delight and we interviewed for a new teacher to cover maternity leave in Kites. There was a very strong field of candidates and it was a very difficult decision. I will be able to tell you the outcome very shortly once we have verified references etc. I hope the good weather stays a little longer - have a good weekend!

A very busy week at Dorothy Goodman



We have had lots of visitors from other special schools recently and it has been a pleasure to take them around our school. They have all been impressed by the work our pupils are involved with and I think one of the best comments made over the last few visits was ‘this is the most inclusive school I have ever been to’. The visitors were impressed with how welcoming our pupils are and how well they mix with each other and support each other. We also saw some super work with Sherbourne movement at upper and using the interactive sensory room at lower. Taking our visitors over to the base at Richmond we saw some super maths happening in Neptune and Saturn. We especially liked Benji’s comment ‘I challenged myself and did four more number sentences all by myself …and got them right!’ In Tigers and Turtles Olivia had done some beautiful counting work which she showed us and Alfie showed us some of his very hard work where he needed ‘just a little bit of help’ from Miss Holder. Yesterday I also had a treat when Jenkin wanted to read me the story he had written using colourful semantics it was great to hear him read and sign his own work.




What a great World Book day yesterday from The Gingerbread man in KS1 to Frankenstein in KS4/5. The younger children dressed up in some super costumes and the focus of the book for the day created lots of fun opportunities for learning. It was great to see the upper school students working in the Frankenstein science lab and graveyard. The students at HAJC joined upper English groups for a session and seemed to thoroughly enjoy - finding body parts in the mud, exploring brains and other body parts to make a monster and much more. The older students also wrote some super things on the writing walls. A bit of Harry Potter and his potions was happening in Apollo much to Hanna’s enjoyment. In Key Stage 3 Jamie, Josh and Emma were devising their own play script. The emphasis on independence led to some interesting problem solving and re-writes of the script when they realised the dog was in the wrong place! In Key Stage 2 the jointly created World War 2 book became all about Bob (who had a sad demise) and Courtney had an interesting pet dinosaur - look out the next Booker prize! It was also great to have lots of students coming with raffle tickets and proudly showing their work. Thank you for your help with all the various costumes.



It was good to see so many pupils keen to be back at school this week, although on Monday a few looked a little sleepy in a teenage sort of way at upper!
This week our new Family leadership programme started with a group of parents and their children from Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 helping our pupils and their families make decisions about their futures and to gain a better understanding of what is available locally as they progress into adulthood.
At our lower site we have seen so many varied activities around World War II with some creative art work, making paper aeroplanes and of course the multi-sensory environment which was hugely motivating for Mars class. I was also impressed with the crime scene work going on in Key Stage 3 and the ‘working out who did it’ in Eagles English stream
On Thursday we saw Storm Doris and all the pupils managed really well with the noise of the storm with some pupils wanting to go outside to feel the wind.



I have just been to watch the presentations from our students who have been on work inspiration week at National Grid - what another wonderful experience seeing our students present so confidently. They have obviously learnt a great deal about the work at National Grid and the many different jobs that are there. It was also lovely to catch up with the interns who have been placed there this year. They have all grown in confidence and learnt so much on their two placements. They were also a great support to the new students this week. Have a lovely half term I hope you enjoy the snow!



I hope you have seen the fun run pictures from last Friday - the pupils were amazing and made lots of effort - congratulations to them all! This week there has been lots of hard work as usual... Great success on work experience for some of our older students. Daniel W, Josh Ch and Tom D have been very successful at Tesco's this week on the induction programme. They have all worked very hard. Laura S has had her first placement at Pamela Mann which again was very successful and she enjoyed it very much. Poseidon had some time cooking this week - Disha was enjoying making dough for her chapatis and behaved responsibly when cooking them. Milly, Harry, Ano and Kaylum ended up in tears with yet another class grating onions! (a new craze I think). The onion bhajis they made were delicious. There were lots of science experiments going on in Key Stage 3 looking at states of matter and Stephen shared his solid, liquid, gas dance with me. Next week is our last week before the half term holiday - the time seems to have flown past. Have a good weekend.



Healthy Schools Week has been a real success again, there will be plenty of pictures in next week’s bulletin. Pupils really enjoyed the yoga sessions at lower (although Lotta ached a bit after all of the sessions on Monday too!) The
personal hygiene sessions have also been very successful I saw some wonderful teeth cleaning in Eagles— Kaitlyn’s technique when using the large toothbrush on the large teeth model really made her laugh and Callum could tell me why cleaning them was important.
Some great things have been happening this week and I hope we take the theme of healthy living forward every week.



I have had an amazing time this morning interviewing 6 young people from our school who wish to take the opportunity of an internship next year either at National Grid or with another employer. The students demonstrated such a growing confidence and a very sensible and mature approach about why they would like to have one of these opportunities. I always have high expectations of our students but they all surprised even me with their well-considered answers and approach - well done to them all. We will be letting them know next week what the next steps will be. I have also seen some lovely work from our other pupils this week from some excellent communication work between Purno and staff to jokes between Chloe and Matthew to Mollie using a bubble wrap sock to make some lovely art work!



Our first full week back after the holiday and I have seen lots of hard work going on. One of my magic moments was Matthew K going round with his hard hat and tool box at lower mending things ‘all by himself’ I think he is after Dean and Steve’s jobs! This week our older students had an evening meeting to introduce them to the internships programme where Alec D and Liam M spoke confidently and well sharing their experiences of National Grid with the other students and their par-ents. We have seen some super work in Key Stage 3 English with the World War 1 theme - some discussing and recording what they would need to take, others creating a soundscape or making papier mache helmets. At upper following instructions has been a focus in English and some students following recipes independently without help achieved some great results by reading carefully.



Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you all. I hope everyone enjoyed the last two weeks and whatever activities you were involved with. We have had a super start to the new term with children working and playing hard. They seemed very pleased to see each other again. We have also welcomed two new pupils to the school one who is in Mars and one in Venus class. It has been a pleasure to see how the other children have welcomed them and are helping them find their way around. We are also looking forward to Tino returning to Venus class next week.
This term looks as busy as ever. We will be holding a healthy schools week during the week starting 23rd January (it may help us all get over the excess of celebrations!). Our school councils meet on Friday 13th January so no doubt lots of new ideas will come from them for this term.
Just in case you missed the news last term - we now have planning permission for our replacement building for upper school. We have started the process of gaining tenders for the work to be completed so all systems go and great opportunities ahead for our older children and young people to have suitable facilities.
No separate achievers this week as two days is rather a short time but I think everyone should have one for settling back in so well!

New Beginnings!


"Great news - our planning for the new building to replace upper site was approved. We have secured the funding and are ready to start building phase one to replace the upper school site. However, to meet our ambition for all secondary aged pupils at lower and upper site to be educated on the same site with indoor and outdoor sports facilities and specialist rooms, we need to raise a further £3million. So if you have a few spare million any help gratefully received!"

See the new plans here:




I hope you have enjoyed receiving your child’s school photo and are as pleased with the results as we were. I am sure if you are quick with ordering they will arrive promptly. I think the children’s images were captured extremely well this year. Just a reminder to check ‘dates for your diary’ as many Christmas and end of term events are planned and it will be good to see as many of you as possible at the various events. We have already had some early rehearsal work and things are sounding and looking really good! Have a good weekend.


A great week of busy hard work. I have seen Key Stage 2 pupils experiencing childhood in Victorian times - Venus class side room became a dark, sooty, smelly chimney - the children came out full of exclamations using some wonderful vocabulary! Many pupils from Key Stage 3,4 and 5 went to the Skills Show and had lots to say about different jobs and careers they wish to follow... listen out for Jenkin the DJ in the future. Back at upper, pupils who stayed experienced some basic vocational skills - some great work with hammer and nails and fingers intact at the end! I also enjoyed helping Hannah at lunchtime yesterday and seeing the progress she has made in her life skills. I have seen some fabulous Maths work at lower school this week, measuring and combining number. We have also had school photos this week which seem to have gone well and we are looking forward to seeing the results. The pupils should be exhausted after such a busy week!

Dancing Stars!!!

Congratulations to our dancing stars. On Monday our wonderful dancing groups performed at The Curve. They performed with great confidence and obviously thoroughly enjoyed being part of the event once again. It really is a fantastic showcase of what our young people can achieve and seems to get better every year. Once again I would like to thank the staff who give up so much of their time voluntarily to make this happen. We also had various ‘people who help us’ in yesterday (police, school nurse, fire service 4x4 rescue etc.) and once again our pupils were a credit to the school asking lots of questions and getting very involved. So many great opportunities and lovely responses from the children and young people. Don't forget school photos this coming week - Monday at lower school and Friday at upper. Have a lovely weekend.
I would like to welcome Elizabeth our new pupil at upper school. What a fantastic Communication Week we have had. From Stomp to a whole sensory story environment, thanks to Mark and Daniel or as we call them ‘Danilson’, cooking sessions where all children and young people were very engaged and enthusiastic, students giving staff instructions, lots of switch work which was fantastic, and mixing the potions (once they had finished eating the ingredients). The STOMP sessions were also brilliant - the rubber ring was a particular hit and it was fantastic to see so much communication without any words being used!
A busy week after half term with lots going on as classes start their new topics for the half term. I believe Queen Victoria has made an appearance in Neptune and Saturn! Poetry is going down well at upper school and I heard some lovely poems created in one of the groups which included a poem about cows dancing. Unfortunately, Kathryn Hirons one of the teachers at upper school is going to be absent for the remainder of this term and will be leaving at Christmas to pursue interests other than teaching. Yesterday we interviewed for a new teacher and I will be able to tell you who has been successful as soon as we have this confirmed. We are all looking forward to a great Communication Week with many exciting events across the school next week...(Look out for Stomp!).
What a fantastic week our Work Experience days have been. A very big thank you to all our staff and visitors who have led sessions and especially to Sue Whawell for organising such a vibrant and varied week. From Triumph and Caterpillar to stage makeup and jewellery making, from quarry experiences to flower arranging, our older pathway students helping our younger pupils - hairdressing or wood work/DIY, a wonderful experience for all. The Curve visit was also a great success and the staff said …’Your group here this morning – they were charming and very well behaved and seemed to enjoy seeing backstage. Hope this tour becomes a regular fixture on DGS’s school calendar!’ The Moving On event demonstrated a useful range of provision and services available to all leavers. While we have all had a great deal of fun, the message of high aspirations and widening horizons has been very clear. I hope you all have a great half term.

An Amazing Week


This week has been a cross-school Arts Week based on the book- ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. The staff worked extremely hard to create some amazing Narnia environments for pupils to explore including a beaver’s den ! We have had false snow, ice and many winter experiences. Yesterday and today the world changed to spring and the transformation has been amazing. The pupils have been involved in many creative and performing arts activities, I have read some wonderful writing and seen some exciting sensory work throughout the week and the pupils have responded extremely well. I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff and pupils for making this happen.

Another busy week at Dorothy Goodman



Another busy week with lots of hard work. We started off with the good news that the hospitality and catering group won 3rd prize in a bake off competition at the weekend - thank you to Sam and Dougie for representing our school with teachers Jo and Kelly. This week we have had digestive systems being created in Science, write dance with Angel Delight, bucket drumming groups and of course in Key Stage 3 the
Kestrels making French onion soup. This created some hunger interest from escorts and parents at the end of the day but I heard pupils were less keen on the smell of strong French cheese! During this hot weather the alfresco dining at upper school is still proving to be popular but I am not sure this will continue as the weather changes!
Some of you may not have heard that at the end of last term sadly one of our pupils, Luke Edwards died peacefully. His parents have
requested that we inform you all. Many of us were able to attend his funeral which was a very memorable service and shared many memories of Luke’s life. It was especially moving watching the balloons rising into the sky at the end.

Introducing Dorothy


Another very busy week at DGS with lots of hard work, but the big news is our new admission. The animal care pathway now have a rabbit which they have named Dorothy. She will be living at upper school in her hand made hutch (made by the DIY pathway last term). As you can imagine there is lots of excitement about our new member! We are also very thankful to the National Grid volunteer team who this week have rejuvenated the upper school garden. Now Dorothy has a beautiful place to live. Have a good weekend.

A Lovely few days of term


We have had a lovely first few days of term. I have seen some lovely moments with our pupils helping people new to the school or their class and some good new friendships growing. This newsletter is sent every week and we are working towards sharing this electronically. This is to help ensure we know everyone has received it as paper sometimes seems to go missing! Please make sure we have the necessary email addresses for your family so that we can send it out each Friday This can be sent to office@dorothygoodman.leics.sch.uk We will continue to send paper copies for the first few weeks and ongoing if you require them. We also put a copy of the newsletter on our website. If you have not found our school website the address is http://www.dorothygoodman.co.uk You can also subscribe to our twitter feed and follow us on facebook from the website where the most recent photographs of school events are shared.

You may notice a change in class names this year. We have done this to support our pupils so that when people marry and change their names or when a teacher moves we do not have confusion about class names. The pupils chose the categories last term – Key Stage 1 are named after animals, Key Stage 2 named after planets, Key Stage 3 named after birds, Key Stages 4 and 5 are named after Greek Gods (great aspirations!).



We have had a fabulous year with so many events and successes. I would like to give my thanks to all the staff for all their extra efforts and time to provide such a vibrant education for our pupils. Today we say goodbye to a large group of students who are leaving and with them they take so many achievements and memories of interesting and exciting experiences. The photos on our website, Facebook and twitter demonstrate how much the children and young people have enjoyed all the various special events organised by school. This year they have culminated in the school Sports week, Circus skills day, Afternoon tea, Key Stage 3 prom, Festival day and the Upper school leavers party to name just a few! We must also recognise the fantastic achievements of our children and young people which comes from their day to day hard work and I have been privileged to give out numerous certificates and rewards throughout the year for success in gaining skills but also for effort and perseverance which are just as important. As you know we had an Ofsted inspection on 14th June, at the time of writing the report is still not published so we are unable to share this with you until the new term. I hope you all have a lovely summer.

We have had a busy penultimate week of term. Transition days went well and I was impressed by how well the pupils worked and joined in their new classes. There were some lovely moments where existing pupils helped new pupils to the school showing them their favourite parts of the school (usually the playgrounds and soft play!). I was also impressed by how well our own pupils managed the change to new bases and classrooms. They should all be congratulated.

Thank you to all of you who came to the parent drop in session last Friday at upper school – your ideas for the new school have been very helpful and we have already shared them with the architects. Today is the secondary school sports day so we are hoping for dry weather (results next week!) and of course the Key Stage 3 Prom – I am looking forward to seeing the pupils in their finery once again. The pupils and staff had a lovely time at Bosworth Water Park this week. Have a lovely weekend.


Sports, Exams and Summer Fayre Celebrations!


What a fantastic sports week we have had, the pupils have really engaged with all the different activities. Cricket, rugby, dance, multi-skills sports and much more. I thoroughly enjoyed the 10 minute warm up in 2KN and 2TS – there was great enthusiasm from all the pupils and some good progress with crossing midline! The two sports afternoons for Key Stage 1 and then yesterday Key Stage 2, have been very

successful and Harrison Gamble joined us yesterday much to the delight of our pupils. Some of our older students have had a week of

exams in between the sports! They have all coped extremely well and tried very hard to do their best. Thank you to everyone who came to the Summer Fayre last Saturday. We raised over £1500. I hope you all have a good weekend.  


Sporting success at Dorothy Goodman


The Queen’s picnic was a great success last Friday – the food was popular, there were great hats, masks and decorations everywhere (and no rain!).…The races and games at upper were adding to the hilarity – egg and spoon - Josh W versus Kelly a very close run (with a little bit of sabotage going on!), splat the rat was also a great success and I wouldn’t mess with Jasmine if you are a rat! Also last Friday, a group of our pupils competed in the Motor Activity Training Programme (MATP) Sports Event – this was a fantastic day which provided Andie, Amelia, Reece, William, Madison and Lucas the opportunity to represent the school at a sports event (this is a sport from the special Olympics). Every pupil succeeded with their individual challenges - well done! Our pupils impressed the key people so much there is a possibility we may be asked to be the East Midland representatives at a bigger event – more details to follow hopefully. As you know, we had visitors from Ofsted on Tuesday and I would like to thank all of you who spoke to the inspectors or submitted your views – the outcome is confidential until we receive the report but we are still smiling. I will let you know more as soon as I have the report. I hope to see you at our Summer Fayre tomorrow.



I hope you all had a good week during the break. We have had a lovely week although very hot. The older students had a great

dayout at Drayton Manor on Wednesday with lots of firsts for pupils and a great Gorpro film which will be available to see at parents evening!

At lower site, Wacky Wednesday went well and thank you for all the donations of bottles. We are looking forward to seeing lots of you at

the Summer Fayre. This week we also had some excellent news for one of our interns who has been offered a permanent job at

National Grid. Today we celebrate The Queen's birthday with a lovely picnic event.


We have had a lovely week and have been interviewing for new teachers and support staff for the new school year. At the end of this year we will be saying goodbye to Laura Dale who has secured a teaching position at an International School in Dubai and we all wish
her well in her new adventure. I have seen some lovely work again this week and have chosen to mention Tahlia’s comic strip holiday - which was a great read! We have had other events outside school this week as well...we have had two members of staff who have had
new arrivals this week Sej from the communication team has had a little boy and Andy from 2LD and his partner have had a baby girl - we send our congratulations to them both. I hope you all have a lovely half term break and I look forward to seeing you all at one of the
many events including the School Summer Fayre! 


Thank you to everyone who supported us last Saturday night not least our sponsors Metro Development Ltd & Upton Steel who ensured our student leavers this year could attend.


They had a great time and I hope you did to. We are still calculating the final figure of money raised but it was a very beneficial night for the school.


Many exciting activities this week with a small group joining Richmond Primary School on their PGL residential trip. This has been a great success with highlights such as raft building and checking it floats! Also archery, zip wires, climbing walls and rifle shooting but most im-portantly lots of team work and making new friends. I think parents will have very tired children tonight! At upper school a number of
students competed in the Inter-School Cross Country. After a last minute addition to the team, eleven students went to Maplewell to take part in the cross country. Emma-Louise and Joseph A both participated in the 2km event and finished with smiles, whilst our other young people took on the 3km. Conor P overcame his tiredness to finish his final lap and Luke Y showed great determination to finish despite some hamstring troubles. Rachael C and Amy T were thrilled to win medals and Josh C had a great race even though he unluckily missed out on a medal. A big well done also to Harry C, James B, Dominic L and Sam M-H for competing, Sam showing great sportsmanship
running back to support the remainder of our pupils finish racing. Congratulations to all for taking part and persevering – it is a tough course!
It is nearly the end of term and we are looking forward to seeing you next week at the various events. Upper school awards ceremony,
parents evening across the school and at the Easter Service on Wednesday morning. I hope you can make at least one of them.


A really wild week.


It has really been a very interesting busy week. On Monday, several animals and reptiles came to visit the school and KS2 pupils (and some visitors from other key stages) were holding various creatures including tarantulas and snakes. At the upper site I saw some fantastic creative work as the art group got in with the swing of the Rio Carnival with some very imaginative creations being constructed. The ‘slicing’ dance group were once again showing their skills and the choir was sounding good with some lovely rhythms on the drum from James D. Our students who participated in a tour of Auschwitz - Birkenau returned having taken part in an emotional memorial service in the dark at the end where they all lit candles and laid them on the railway tracks inside the camp. Also this week, we have seen many exciting costumes across the school as we celebrated World Book Day with lots of engagement and high levels of independence in Key Stage 2 finding animals, and at upper site with a fully inclusive ‘Lord of the Flies’ day with some amazing individual performances in but also great participation from all. 

Another wonderful rock concert last night with Redmoor, HAJC and DGS…so many of our pupils involved. All excelled - Kieran E on drums and guitar (not at the same time!), Reece drumming, Callum H from Richmond base drumming and singing, Thomas D, Ewan B, Lauren Sl, Alec, Meg, Kyle M, Callum R, Liam M, Shannon G and Sophie. We were all especially pleased to see Joe P from our Redmoor base and James D from upper school overcoming their fears to go up on stage and to see Amy T singing a solo – such a beautiful voice. (I hope I haven’t missed anyone). A great night out and fantastic achievement for all the pupils. Having seen some perform before it was really good to see and hear their excellent progress in confidence and skills.… a big thank you to Gill, Nick and Val for supporting the pupils as well as the JAM staff. It was also lovely to see so many parents and friends who went to watch.

                                                                                                             Janet Thompson




What a pleasure it was to interview the possible interns for National Grid next term yesterday. I was impressed by their confidence and thoughtful answers to the questions we asked. I was very impressed with their very positive views about maths and English. In the team challenge many demonstrated great team work skills and others although not as confident were good cooperative team players…see the towers below!



Newborns, Life Savers & Busy Streets


Lots of busy pupils this week and some lovely work being produced. We have also had some good news that Mrs Barton-Harvey had a baby girl on 17th January and both are well. I think some of you may have missed my message on the first week back this term explaining that Mat the school nurse would be leaving his NHS position as a school nurse. We will be interviewing with our NHS colleagues for a replacement school nurse next week. Many of you may have heard of the Anthony Nolan charity which matches  individuals willing to donate their blood stem cells or bone marrow to people with blood cancer and blood disorders who need lifesaving transplants (www.anthonynolan.org). Ben (a member of staff at our Redmoor base) has been found to be a match and will be donating bone marrow in the next few weeks. It is a great thing that Ben is doing and we wish him well.


Onto more mundane matters unfortunately we are still receiving complaints from neighbours in Middlefield Lane and Middlefield Close about cars, taxis and parking. I know space is very difficult but please make sure if you do collect your child by car that you do not block any driveways or park near junctions or on the double yellow lines etc  - this will also help us to keep our pupils safe – thank you.


Busy times in the freezing cold


We have had a busy and successful week. Key Stage 2 English stream with Miss Davey have
been presenting their news reports about water with great confidence and some good ideas
being shared by the pupils. All of them were excellent. At upper some wonderful sensory work
‘on a desert island’ to link in with the book ‘Lord of the Flies’ which all the
students are learning about at very different levels...the students loved it. At Redmoor base I
heard some fantastic facts about William the Conqueror and the pupils were starting to investi-
gate old English currency and the value of coins (it made me feel a bit old!).
Yesterday evening was our Employability evening at upper when Euan, one of the current
interns, and ex pupil/intern Matthew spoke about their experiences (and now paid
employment for Matthew) at National Grid. So lots of learning and it has been a pleasure to
see our pupils enjoying school so much and hear all about their different experiences. 


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to you all.


I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weeks. The pupils have been very enthusiastic telling us all about their presents or holidays. There have been some very lucky people! I have seen some super work already throughout the school and I am looking forward to seeing what the new year can bring. This term we welcome a new colleague, Russell who will be covering part time in 3CM replacing
Tina Barton Harvey who is on maternity leave. Sadly, this week we say goodbye to Mat the school nurse, he will no longer be a full time school nurse but hopes to keep some casual work links with the school which we are very glad about as he has become a popular member of the school community. We will still have our own health team and have access to a school nurse so please keep contacting us.We will be interviewing with the NHS for a replacement in late January.



Countdown to Christmas


Congratulations to our new choir from upper school. The choir have so far performed at Hinckley Methodist Church on Tuesday evening and the Wykin Club on Wednesday. They have more engagements booked next week! The choir led by Kathryn, Sally-Ann and supported by Emma and many other staff has grown from a few pupils to a large group of great performers including Amy T, Megan M and John B (who frequently have solo parts to perform) James M, Robbie S, Laura S, Morgan B, Joseph A, Liam M, Dougie B, Daisy C, Kalum B, Millie S, Angel H, Morgan B, Emma-Louis M, Dickie T, Robbie S, Harry C, Rhiannon H and Cameron S. The performances so far have been impeccable and the pupils have been amazing with their enthusiasm and rhythm as well as some beautiful voices. Parents and members of our local community have thoroughly enjoyed the events so far. I am sure their agent will take bookings for the New year! The DIY and Multi Skills group were continuing to work on their bird boxes today and it was good to see how pupils were able to set up their work areas independently. Lewis C was happy to tell a new pupil joining the group that he knows how to use drills safely. 


Here is a reminder of some key dates and times coming up:


Tuesday 15th December

10:15am KS1 performance

1:30pm KS2 performance

School Choir at Tudor Road Care Home


Wednesday 16th December

Christmas Service

KS3 and Upper Christmas dinner


Thursday 17th  December

KS1 and 2 Christmas dinner followed by Santa

School Choir at the Limes Care Home


Friday 18th December

Coffee Morning  and farmers market Upper Site


Wednesday 6th January 2016


Students return to school





Shakespeare in Schools - The Curve November 19th 2015


Lots of wonderful news from yesterday the Shakespeare performers  did exceptionally well and what stood out the most was the level of independence and the confidence in how they performed on the stage. The pupils worked collaboratively to ensure that everyone could complete their role and the mastering of the Shakespearean language was superb. A big thank you to all  staff and especially to Lauren for all of her work with the pupils to get the piece ready and in ensuring that it was a visual performance which allowed everyone to show their skills. The Shakespeare in schools team leader spoke about ‘individual performances, great storytelling, that everyone had a presence on stage and the wonderful teamwork. He said it was an 'uplifting' start to the night’ We should all be proud of what our pupils have achieved.






Volunteers from National Grid


During Half Term holidays 20 or so volunteers from nearby National Grid came to help us decorate the outside fences and the quiet rooms.


They did a fantastic job over the 3 days despite the best efforts of the lovely British weather and the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo. It is so pleasing to see the space where our children play looking far more attractive and colourful, there are now clearer boundaries for those children with visual impairment and I look forward to seeing the children’s reaction on Monday morning.


On Wednesday BBC Radio Leicester came to visit the school and to talk to Katherine Lightbown from Leicestershire Cares and I about the challenge. You can take a listen to the whole interview below.

BBC Radio Leicester Interview


National Grid Interns


Last Friday I went to the launch of the employability scheme at National Grid in Hinckley. It was a great pleasure to see three of our students as three of their first 6 interns. Matthew, George and Beth  are all enjoying the experience so far, although I hear the daily getting up and ready for work in a business environment  is quite a challenge. The staff at National Grid are keen to continue and develop our links with them and we will be meeting with them soon to look at more ways of collaborating.


National Grid Employability Press Release

June 2014


As I approach the end of my first year as headteacher of Dorothy Goodman School, all schools are poised to make decisions about what they teach as the Government’s new curriculum is introduced in September 2014. Our school is no exception but we need to hold on to some key principles.


Our school community needs to be forward looking and self-critical to ensure we develop provision to the next levels of success and excellence. An aspirational culture and ethos needs to inform all aspects of our school’s work so that all our children and young people develop the following personal qualities:


Confidence and courage (able to try new things and knowing it is alright to make mistakes)





Enthusiasm for learning


We need to make sure our children and young people have the following experiences and opportunities:

Choices because they have achieved well

Respect and acceptance by others

Awareness of being valued and listened to

Enjoyment of learning (fun)

Equality of opportunities with others

Challenge and motivation

Safety and security

Feeling cared for

Known as a whole person not a diagnosis



Our staff have agreed that we need to ensure we use consistent approaches and make sure our communication is clear. To take things forward we need to be brave and

Risk more that others think is necessary

Care more than others think is wise

Dream more than others think is practical

Expect more than others think is possible


When we look back at our work we will ask ourselves: what do we do? What difference this makes for our children and young people? And how could we do things better?


Our main focus over the last year has been to sustain the excellent quality of provision which has existed in the school for so many years and to plan for the future. If we stick to these principles and uphold these values into the future we will ensure our children and young people receive the very best education for many years to come.


Janet Thompson