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Harrison Gamble (Leicester Riders)

Harrison Gamble (Leicester Riders)

Hard working both on and off of the court...

Harrison started his basketball career at the late age of 16. With a short introduction to the game at Woking Blackhawks he then moved to Reading Rockets and worked his way to the mens team in Division 1 of the EBL.

Harrison played four seasons with the Reading Rockets between 2008-2012. In that time he worked his way through the ranks to secure a starting spot on the club’s Division One Men’s team.

In his time with the Rockets, Harrison developed his skills which enabled him to play different positions as well as be a tough match up for any team. His ability to shoot the ball, score inside, and defend a variety of players helped the club win a substantial amount of silverware over the four seasons he played for the Rockets.

Harrison secured his first professional contract in August 2012 ready to start the basketball season in the Spanish European Basketball League (EBA) for CB Sant Josep Girona.

Harrison is not just a prolific shooter, his overall ability to score the basketball and defend the opponent’s best player is also very impressive. Always working hard, extremely professional both on and off the court he is one of the UK’s shining prospects on the market today.


Since he first came in to coach our young people as part of the Leicester Rider's Community work Harrison has been a regular fixture at Dorothy Goodman, from Sports Days to Awards Evenings he is always on hand to support our young people. Without doubt Harrison is a much loved member of the DGS family.