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Grow a Pound



This October grow £1 for Dorothy Goodman School.


Can your son or daughter take £1 and turn it into more over a one month period and help raise money for our young people?


This is how it will work…


Dorothy Goodman School will loan your child £1.


The idea is that the children then do something with the £1 to generate more money which Dorothy Goodman School can put towards helping our young people thrive.


 Some ideas might be...

Buy a sponge and some washing up liquid and offer to clean your neighbours’ cars - £2 a go?

Buy some ingredients and make some cakes or biscuits for friends and family – 50p each? Then use the money made to buy more ingredients – and so on!

Make up a sponsorship form and do something interesting; sponsored skip, goal-scoring, hop, sing, silence – unleash your talents – 50p a minute?

Buy some gardening gloves and do some weeding for your neighbours, friends and family - £2 per flower bed

Buy your mum some flowers and offer to do the housework - £1.50 for all the hoovering?


We’re sure that your children will come up with some fabulous ideas for how to grow their pound. Your child might like to take photos of their project too which will go on a display in the school.


There are great prizes to be WON!!!


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# Grow a pound will run from October 1st until October 31st 2017.