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Behaviour in school

Behaviour in School

Pupils are encouraged to develop a sense of pride in our school, and a sense of belonging to the school community. Pupils are reminded that they are not only part of this school and their local area, but also they belong to a wider community, both national and international. That wider community is made up of a variety of people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, with different religious beliefs, and from differing socio-economic groups. All of us have equal value, share common interests, and should both respect and be respected by others.


Pupils will be expected to:

  • Walk: conduct themselves around the building in a safe, sensible, manner
  • Listen: follow reasonable instructions given by the teacher at a level they can understand
  • Respect others: behave in a reasonable and polite manner to all staff and pupils and show respect for the opinions and beliefs of others
  • Respect their school: look after the learning environment and the equipment they use
  • complete all class work in the manner required
  • arrive on time for school
  • Follow the school code of conduct.



​When pupils find it difficult to meet the social expectations outlined above they have an individual plan written which identifies the triggers which they find difficult to deal with as well as how we can support them to understand how to make the right choices. Approaches used with individual children are fully discussed with parents, and recorded in a Positive Handling Plan.


Physical punishment is not permissible under any circumstances.

To read the full behaviour policy for Dorothy Goodman School click on the link below