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On Wednesday night we held the Upper school awards ceremony We were so pleased to see so many of you there. It was a true celebration of resilience and hard work. It was lovely to catch up with the students who left last year and I know many of the current students enjoyed meeting up with old friends. I was also very pleased that the students from Redmoor who join us for our pathways curriculum attended to collect their awards and certificates. Jeffrey our chair of governors began the proceedings with a wonderful quote about being yourself and it was especially good that our three Members (Jeffrey Bowes, Joseph Barsby and John Lees) who oversee the Academy Trust were able to attend and present some of the awards. Sam Harrison also made it just for the last 15 minutes! Unfortunately Jenny our other ambassador who was due to attend had to cancel at the last minutes due to a family emergency. Many people commented on how well the pupils had achieved and how much they enjoyed the event being special and giving recognition to the students for all their achievements.
Also this week we have had a group of our Year 8 students out on a residential trip at PGL. The trip has gone very well. Highlights so far have been: Chloe making her way around the high ropes course which was very scary (Simon can vouch for that): all pupils going kayaking including a brave Atheana and Jack M who didn't want to at first; Lucas finding out he is a star archer and Reece demonstrating an excellent elephant impression! All the pupils enjoyed making shelters and whittling wood on survivor day yesterday and apparently Christopher made an excellent spearhead. On the sensory trail the pupils worked together on communication and following their senses to avoid obstacles, Daisy did a very good job. Their last day will be more archery, climbing and going on a giant swing before travelling back to school. Enjoy the long weekend



We have reached the end of another busy term with lots going on including various sporting events most recently the Key Stage 2 athletics and Key Stage 3 Boccia competition. As ever our pupils were a credit to the school and were all good sports! I was pleased so many of you were able to attend parents evening or at another time during the last week and thank you to those who completed the parent questionnaire. If you did not have a chance to do this please email the office and they will send you the link electronically so that you can complete it.
It was lovely to see so many of you yesterday at the Easter service. It is always such a pleasure to see all the pupils of the school together. I thought the pupils’ singing, dancing and signing were great and it was lovely to see some super hats and art-work as well. I am sorry we did not have microphones for the readers of the prayer but the leads were not long enough...Tom is going to rectify this before our next service.

Another Successful week



Congratulations to Luke one of our older students who has been offered an apprenticeship with a landscaping and gardening company following his internship this year with Hinckley and Bosworth Council. We are also very proud of Leah Jo who performed at a concert as part of Redmoor Academy choir. She did a wonderful job representing Dorothy Goodman, completely by herself within another school choir and she has been very dedicated to this. I would also like to thank the staff who have sup-ported her at various times outside school hours to ensure she can participate. This week we have also seen contributions from many of our pupils as part of the ‘Area schools litter pick’ working to raise community awareness and a concern for the local environment. They worked very hard and deserve recognition for their positive contribution to the local community. Only one week to go before the end of term - where has the time gone! I hope we see many of you at the church service next Thursday at St Peter's church arrival after 10:15am for a 10:30am start.



A busy week with lots of visitors and visits out. Starting the week off with a visit from Rebekah Vardy and baby much to the delight of many of the pupils. We have also welcomed colleagues from Leicester College, Mair Health care and Mandy a PGCE student who has been based with us for a week. This week Beth has also returned for her final student placement in Turtles and Tigers. Some of our older students have been out visiting colleges - one group went to RNIB on Monday and had a lovely time designing their own cloth bags and making pizza. Daniel W’s pizza looked especially delicious. Another student visited Brooks-by College but was disappointed he didn't see as many animals as he expected! Across school there has been lots of hard work from dissecting fish in Kestrels class, some excellent Shelbourne movement sessions to tricky multiplication in Owls. Such variety and great problem solving from all our pupils.

Cooking up a storm


Spring is definitely in the air and pupils are working and playing hard as a result. This week we have seen lots of active play outside including teenage boys at upper who usually like to play computer games during breaks! Wednesday was a busy day: HAJC was closed so our base pupils had to move to St Francis centre for their lessons at short notice they all managed this extremely well and our thanks to the centre for accommodating us at short notice; Kwoklyn Wan joined the hospitality and catering group much to their delight and we interviewed for a new teacher to cover maternity leave in Kites. There was a very strong field of candidates and it was a very difficult decision. I will be able to tell you the outcome very shortly once we have verified references etc. I hope the good weather stays a little longer - have a good weekend!

A very busy week at Dorothy Goodman



We have had lots of visitors from other special schools recently and it has been a pleasure to take them around our school. They have all been impressed by the work our pupils are involved with and I think one of the best comments made over the last few visits was ‘this is the most inclusive school I have ever been to’. The visitors were impressed with how welcoming our pupils are and how well they mix with each other and support each other. We also saw some super work with Sherbourne movement at upper and using the interactive sensory room at lower. Taking our visitors over to the base at Richmond we saw some super maths happening in Neptune and Saturn. We especially liked Benji’s comment ‘I challenged myself and did four more number sentences all by myself …and got them right!’ In Tigers and Turtles Olivia had done some beautiful counting work which she showed us and Alfie showed us some of his very hard work where he needed ‘just a little bit of help’ from Miss Holder. Yesterday I also had a treat when Jenkin wanted to read me the story he had written using colourful semantics it was great to hear him read and sign his own work.




What a great World Book day yesterday from The Gingerbread man in KS1 to Frankenstein in KS4/5. The younger children dressed up in some super costumes and the focus of the book for the day created lots of fun opportunities for learning. It was great to see the upper school students working in the Frankenstein science lab and graveyard. The students at HAJC joined upper English groups for a session and seemed to thoroughly enjoy - finding body parts in the mud, exploring brains and other body parts to make a monster and much more. The older students also wrote some super things on the writing walls. A bit of Harry Potter and his potions was happening in Apollo much to Hanna’s enjoyment. In Key Stage 3 Jamie, Josh and Emma were devising their own play script. The emphasis on independence led to some interesting problem solving and re-writes of the script when they realised the dog was in the wrong place! In Key Stage 2 the jointly created World War 2 book became all about Bob (who had a sad demise) and Courtney had an interesting pet dinosaur - look out the next Booker prize! It was also great to have lots of students coming with raffle tickets and proudly showing their work. Thank you for your help with all the various costumes.



It was good to see so many pupils keen to be back at school this week, although on Monday a few looked a little sleepy in a teenage sort of way at upper!
This week our new Family leadership programme started with a group of parents and their children from Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 helping our pupils and their families make decisions about their futures and to gain a better understanding of what is available locally as they progress into adulthood.
At our lower site we have seen so many varied activities around World War II with some creative art work, making paper aeroplanes and of course the multi-sensory environment which was hugely motivating for Mars class. I was also impressed with the crime scene work going on in Key Stage 3 and the ‘working out who did it’ in Eagles English stream
On Thursday we saw Storm Doris and all the pupils managed really well with the noise of the storm with some pupils wanting to go outside to feel the wind.



I have just been to watch the presentations from our students who have been on work inspiration week at National Grid - what another wonderful experience seeing our students present so confidently. They have obviously learnt a great deal about the work at National Grid and the many different jobs that are there. It was also lovely to catch up with the interns who have been placed there this year. They have all grown in confidence and learnt so much on their two placements. They were also a great support to the new students this week. Have a lovely half term I hope you enjoy the snow!



I hope you have seen the fun run pictures from last Friday - the pupils were amazing and made lots of effort - congratulations to them all! This week there has been lots of hard work as usual... Great success on work experience for some of our older students. Daniel W, Josh Ch and Tom D have been very successful at Tesco's this week on the induction programme. They have all worked very hard. Laura S has had her first placement at Pamela Mann which again was very successful and she enjoyed it very much. Poseidon had some time cooking this week - Disha was enjoying making dough for her chapatis and behaved responsibly when cooking them. Milly, Harry, Ano and Kaylum ended up in tears with yet another class grating onions! (a new craze I think). The onion bhajis they made were delicious. There were lots of science experiments going on in Key Stage 3 looking at states of matter and Stephen shared his solid, liquid, gas dance with me. Next week is our last week before the half term holiday - the time seems to have flown past. Have a good weekend.



Healthy Schools Week has been a real success again, there will be plenty of pictures in next week’s bulletin. Pupils really enjoyed the yoga sessions at lower (although Lotta ached a bit after all of the sessions on Monday too!) The
personal hygiene sessions have also been very successful I saw some wonderful teeth cleaning in Eagles— Kaitlyn’s technique when using the large toothbrush on the large teeth model really made her laugh and Callum could tell me why cleaning them was important.
Some great things have been happening this week and I hope we take the theme of healthy living forward every week.



I have had an amazing time this morning interviewing 6 young people from our school who wish to take the opportunity of an internship next year either at National Grid or with another employer. The students demonstrated such a growing confidence and a very sensible and mature approach about why they would like to have one of these opportunities. I always have high expectations of our students but they all surprised even me with their well-considered answers and approach - well done to them all. We will be letting them know next week what the next steps will be. I have also seen some lovely work from our other pupils this week from some excellent communication work between Purno and staff to jokes between Chloe and Matthew to Mollie using a bubble wrap sock to make some lovely art work!



Our first full week back after the holiday and I have seen lots of hard work going on. One of my magic moments was Matthew K going round with his hard hat and tool box at lower mending things ‘all by himself’ I think he is after Dean and Steve’s jobs! This week our older students had an evening meeting to introduce them to the internships programme where Alec D and Liam M spoke confidently and well sharing their experiences of National Grid with the other students and their par-ents. We have seen some super work in Key Stage 3 English with the World War 1 theme - some discussing and recording what they would need to take, others creating a soundscape or making papier mache helmets. At upper following instructions has been a focus in English and some students following recipes independently without help achieved some great results by reading carefully.



Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you all. I hope everyone enjoyed the last two weeks and whatever activities you were involved with. We have had a super start to the new term with children working and playing hard. They seemed very pleased to see each other again. We have also welcomed two new pupils to the school one who is in Mars and one in Venus class. It has been a pleasure to see how the other children have welcomed them and are helping them find their way around. We are also looking forward to Tino returning to Venus class next week.
This term looks as busy as ever. We will be holding a healthy schools week during the week starting 23rd January (it may help us all get over the excess of celebrations!). Our school councils meet on Friday 13th January so no doubt lots of new ideas will come from them for this term.
Just in case you missed the news last term - we now have planning permission for our replacement building for upper school. We have started the process of gaining tenders for the work to be completed so all systems go and great opportunities ahead for our older children and young people to have suitable facilities.
No separate achievers this week as two days is rather a short time but I think everyone should have one for settling back in so well!

New Beginnings!


"Great news - our planning for the new building to replace upper site was approved. We have secured the funding and are ready to start building phase one to replace the upper school site. However, to meet our ambition for all secondary aged pupils at lower and upper site to be educated on the same site with indoor and outdoor sports facilities and specialist rooms, we need to raise a further £3million. So if you have a few spare million any help gratefully received!"

See the new plans here:


Picture 1



I hope you have enjoyed receiving your child’s school photo and are as pleased with the results as we were. I am sure if you are quick with ordering they will arrive promptly. I think the children’s images were captured extremely well this year. Just a reminder to check ‘dates for your diary’ as many Christmas and end of term events are planned and it will be good to see as many of you as possible at the various events. We have already had some early rehearsal work and things are sounding and looking really good! Have a good weekend.


A great week of busy hard work. I have seen Key Stage 2 pupils experiencing childhood in Victorian times - Venus class side room became a dark, sooty, smelly chimney - the children came out full of exclamations using some wonderful vocabulary! Many pupils from Key Stage 3,4 and 5 went to the Skills Show and had lots to say about different jobs and careers they wish to follow... listen out for Jenkin the DJ in the future. Back at upper, pupils who stayed experienced some basic vocational skills - some great work with hammer and nails and fingers intact at the end! I also enjoyed helping Hannah at lunchtime yesterday and seeing the progress she has made in her life skills. I have seen some fabulous Maths work at lower school this week, measuring and combining number. We have also had school photos this week which seem to have gone well and we are looking forward to seeing the results. The pupils should be exhausted after such a busy week!

Dancing Stars!!!

Congratulations to our dancing stars. On Monday our wonderful dancing groups performed at The Curve. They performed with great confidence and obviously thoroughly enjoyed being part of the event once again. It really is a fantastic showcase of what our young people can achieve and seems to get better every year. Once again I would like to thank the staff who give up so much of their time voluntarily to make this happen. We also had various ‘people who help us’ in yesterday (police, school nurse, fire service 4x4 rescue etc.) and once again our pupils were a credit to the school asking lots of questions and getting very involved. So many great opportunities and lovely responses from the children and young people. Don't forget school photos this coming week - Monday at lower school and Friday at upper. Have a lovely weekend.
I would like to welcome Elizabeth our new pupil at upper school. What a fantastic Communication Week we have had. From Stomp to a whole sensory story environment, thanks to Mark and Daniel or as we call them ‘Danilson’, cooking sessions where all children and young people were very engaged and enthusiastic, students giving staff instructions, lots of switch work which was fantastic, and mixing the potions (once they had finished eating the ingredients). The STOMP sessions were also brilliant - the rubber ring was a particular hit and it was fantastic to see so much communication without any words being used!
A busy week after half term with lots going on as classes start their new topics for the half term. I believe Queen Victoria has made an appearance in Neptune and Saturn! Poetry is going down well at upper school and I heard some lovely poems created in one of the groups which included a poem about cows dancing. Unfortunately, Kathryn Hirons one of the teachers at upper school is going to be absent for the remainder of this term and will be leaving at Christmas to pursue interests other than teaching. Yesterday we interviewed for a new teacher and I will be able to tell you who has been successful as soon as we have this confirmed. We are all looking forward to a great Communication Week with many exciting events across the school next week...(Look out for Stomp!).
What a fantastic week our Work Experience days have been. A very big thank you to all our staff and visitors who have led sessions and especially to Sue Whawell for organising such a vibrant and varied week. From Triumph and Caterpillar to stage makeup and jewellery making, from quarry experiences to flower arranging, our older pathway students helping our younger pupils - hairdressing or wood work/DIY, a wonderful experience for all. The Curve visit was also a great success and the staff said …’Your group here this morning – they were charming and very well behaved and seemed to enjoy seeing backstage. Hope this tour becomes a regular fixture on DGS’s school calendar!’ The Moving On event demonstrated a useful range of provision and services available to all leavers. While we have all had a great deal of fun, the message of high aspirations and widening horizons has been very clear. I hope you all have a great half term.

An Amazing Week


This week has been a cross-school Arts Week based on the book- ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. The staff worked extremely hard to create some amazing Narnia environments for pupils to explore including a beaver’s den ! We have had false snow, ice and many winter experiences. Yesterday and today the world changed to spring and the transformation has been amazing. The pupils have been involved in many creative and performing arts activities, I have read some wonderful writing and seen some exciting sensory work throughout the week and the pupils have responded extremely well. I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff and pupils for making this happen.

Another busy week at Dorothy Goodman



Another busy week with lots of hard work. We started off with the good news that the hospitality and catering group won 3rd prize in a bake off competition at the weekend - thank you to Sam and Dougie for representing our school with teachers Jo and Kelly. This week we have had digestive systems being created in Science, write dance with Angel Delight, bucket drumming groups and of course in Key Stage 3 the
Kestrels making French onion soup. This created some hunger interest from escorts and parents at the end of the day but I heard pupils were less keen on the smell of strong French cheese! During this hot weather the alfresco dining at upper school is still proving to be popular but I am not sure this will continue as the weather changes!
Some of you may not have heard that at the end of last term sadly one of our pupils, Luke Edwards died peacefully. His parents have
requested that we inform you all. Many of us were able to attend his funeral which was a very memorable service and shared many memories of Luke’s life. It was especially moving watching the balloons rising into the sky at the end.

Introducing Dorothy


Another very busy week at DGS with lots of hard work, but the big news is our new admission. The animal care pathway now have a rabbit which they have named Dorothy. She will be living at upper school in her hand made hutch (made by the DIY pathway last term). As you can imagine there is lots of excitement about our new member! We are also very thankful to the National Grid volunteer team who this week have rejuvenated the upper school garden. Now Dorothy has a beautiful place to live. Have a good weekend.

A Lovely few days of term


We have had a lovely first few days of term. I have seen some lovely moments with our pupils helping people new to the school or their class and some good new friendships growing. This newsletter is sent every week and we are working towards sharing this electronically. This is to help ensure we know everyone has received it as paper sometimes seems to go missing! Please make sure we have the necessary email addresses for your family so that we can send it out each Friday This can be sent to office@dorothygoodman.leics.sch.uk We will continue to send paper copies for the first few weeks and ongoing if you require them. We also put a copy of the newsletter on our website. If you have not found our school website the address is http://www.dorothygoodman.co.uk You can also subscribe to our twitter feed and follow us on facebook from the website where the most recent photographs of school events are shared.

You may notice a change in class names this year. We have done this to support our pupils so that when people marry and change their names or when a teacher moves we do not have confusion about class names. The pupils chose the categories last term – Key Stage 1 are named after animals, Key Stage 2 named after planets, Key Stage 3 named after birds, Key Stages 4 and 5 are named after Greek Gods (great aspirations!).



We have had a fabulous year with so many events and successes. I would like to give my thanks to all the staff for all their extra efforts and time to provide such a vibrant education for our pupils. Today we say goodbye to a large group of students who are leaving and with them they take so many achievements and memories of interesting and exciting experiences. The photos on our website, Facebook and twitter demonstrate how much the children and young people have enjoyed all the various special events organised by school. This year they have culminated in the school Sports week, Circus skills day, Afternoon tea, Key Stage 3 prom, Festival day and the Upper school leavers party to name just a few! We must also recognise the fantastic achievements of our children and young people which comes from their day to day hard work and I have been privileged to give out numerous certificates and rewards throughout the year for success in gaining skills but also for effort and perseverance which are just as important. As you know we had an Ofsted inspection on 14th June, at the time of writing the report is still not published so we are unable to share this with you until the new term. I hope you all have a lovely summer.

We have had a busy penultimate week of term. Transition days went well and I was impressed by how well the pupils worked and joined in their new classes. There were some lovely moments where existing pupils helped new pupils to the school showing them their favourite parts of the school (usually the playgrounds and soft play!). I was also impressed by how well our own pupils managed the change to new bases and classrooms. They should all be congratulated.

Thank you to all of you who came to the parent drop in session last Friday at upper school – your ideas for the new school have been very helpful and we have already shared them with the architects. Today is the secondary school sports day so we are hoping for dry weather (results next week!) and of course the Key Stage 3 Prom – I am looking forward to seeing the pupils in their finery once again. The pupils and staff had a lovely time at Bosworth Water Park this week. Have a lovely weekend.


Sports, Exams and Summer Fayre Celebrations!


What a fantastic sports week we have had, the pupils have really engaged with all the different activities. Cricket, rugby, dance, multi-skills sports and much more. I thoroughly enjoyed the 10 minute warm up in 2KN and 2TS – there was great enthusiasm from all the pupils and some good progress with crossing midline! The two sports afternoons for Key Stage 1 and then yesterday Key Stage 2, have been very

successful and Harrison Gamble joined us yesterday much to the delight of our pupils. Some of our older students have had a week of

exams in between the sports! They have all coped extremely well and tried very hard to do their best. Thank you to everyone who came to the Summer Fayre last Saturday. We raised over £1500. I hope you all have a good weekend.  


Picture 1

Sporting success at Dorothy Goodman


The Queen’s picnic was a great success last Friday – the food was popular, there were great hats, masks and decorations everywhere (and no rain!).…The races and games at upper were adding to the hilarity – egg and spoon - Josh W versus Kelly a very close run (with a little bit of sabotage going on!), splat the rat was also a great success and I wouldn’t mess with Jasmine if you are a rat! Also last Friday, a group of our pupils competed in the Motor Activity Training Programme (MATP) Sports Event – this was a fantastic day which provided Andie, Amelia, Reece, William, Madison and Lucas the opportunity to represent the school at a sports event (this is a sport from the special Olympics). Every pupil succeeded with their individual challenges - well done! Our pupils impressed the key people so much there is a possibility we may be asked to be the East Midland representatives at a bigger event – more details to follow hopefully. As you know, we had visitors from Ofsted on Tuesday and I would like to thank all of you who spoke to the inspectors or submitted your views – the outcome is confidential until we receive the report but we are still smiling. I will let you know more as soon as I have the report. I hope to see you at our Summer Fayre tomorrow.

Picture 1



I hope you all had a good week during the break. We have had a lovely week although very hot. The older students had a great

dayout at Drayton Manor on Wednesday with lots of firsts for pupils and a great Gorpro film which will be available to see at parents evening!

At lower site, Wacky Wednesday went well and thank you for all the donations of bottles. We are looking forward to seeing lots of you at

the Summer Fayre. This week we also had some excellent news for one of our interns who has been offered a permanent job at

National Grid. Today we celebrate The Queen's birthday with a lovely picnic event.

Picture 1


We have had a lovely week and have been interviewing for new teachers and support staff for the new school year. At the end of this year we will be saying goodbye to Laura Dale who has secured a teaching position at an International School in Dubai and we all wish
her well in her new adventure. I have seen some lovely work again this week and have chosen to mention Tahlia’s comic strip holiday - which was a great read! We have had other events outside school this week as well...we have had two members of staff who have had
new arrivals this week Sej from the communication team has had a little boy and Andy from 2LD and his partner have had a baby girl - we send our congratulations to them both. I hope you all have a lovely half term break and I look forward to seeing you all at one of the
many events including the School Summer Fayre! 


Thank you to everyone who supported us last Saturday night not least our sponsors Metro Development Ltd & Upton Steel who ensured our student leavers this year could attend.


They had a great time and I hope you did to. We are still calculating the final figure of money raised but it was a very beneficial night for the school.


Picture 1
Many exciting activities this week with a small group joining Richmond Primary School on their PGL residential trip. This has been a great success with highlights such as raft building and checking it floats! Also archery, zip wires, climbing walls and rifle shooting but most im-portantly lots of team work and making new friends. I think parents will have very tired children tonight! At upper school a number of
students competed in the Inter-School Cross Country. After a last minute addition to the team, eleven students went to Maplewell to take part in the cross country. Emma-Louise and Joseph A both participated in the 2km event and finished with smiles, whilst our other young people took on the 3km. Conor P overcame his tiredness to finish his final lap and Luke Y showed great determination to finish despite some hamstring troubles. Rachael C and Amy T were thrilled to win medals and Josh C had a great race even though he unluckily missed out on a medal. A big well done also to Harry C, James B, Dominic L and Sam M-H for competing, Sam showing great sportsmanship
running back to support the remainder of our pupils finish racing. Congratulations to all for taking part and persevering – it is a tough course!
It is nearly the end of term and we are looking forward to seeing you next week at the various events. Upper school awards ceremony,
parents evening across the school and at the Easter Service on Wednesday morning. I hope you can make at least one of them.


A really wild week.


It has really been a very interesting busy week. On Monday, several animals and reptiles came to visit the school and KS2 pupils (and some visitors from other key stages) were holding various creatures including tarantulas and snakes. At the upper site I saw some fantastic creative work as the art group got in with the swing of the Rio Carnival with some very imaginative creations being constructed. The ‘slicing’ dance group were once again showing their skills and the choir was sounding good with some lovely rhythms on the drum from James D. Our students who participated in a tour of Auschwitz - Birkenau returned having taken part in an emotional memorial service in the dark at the end where they all lit candles and laid them on the railway tracks inside the camp. Also this week, we have seen many exciting costumes across the school as we celebrated World Book Day with lots of engagement and high levels of independence in Key Stage 2 finding animals, and at upper site with a fully inclusive ‘Lord of the Flies’ day with some amazing individual performances in but also great participation from all. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Another wonderful rock concert last night with Redmoor, HAJC and DGS…so many of our pupils involved. All excelled - Kieran E on drums and guitar (not at the same time!), Reece drumming, Callum H from Richmond base drumming and singing, Thomas D, Ewan B, Lauren Sl, Alec, Meg, Kyle M, Callum R, Liam M, Shannon G and Sophie. We were all especially pleased to see Joe P from our Redmoor base and James D from upper school overcoming their fears to go up on stage and to see Amy T singing a solo – such a beautiful voice. (I hope I haven’t missed anyone). A great night out and fantastic achievement for all the pupils. Having seen some perform before it was really good to see and hear their excellent progress in confidence and skills.… a big thank you to Gill, Nick and Val for supporting the pupils as well as the JAM staff. It was also lovely to see so many parents and friends who went to watch.

                                                                                                             Janet Thompson


Picture 1



What a pleasure it was to interview the possible interns for National Grid next term yesterday. I was impressed by their confidence and thoughtful answers to the questions we asked. I was very impressed with their very positive views about maths and English. In the team challenge many demonstrated great team work skills and others although not as confident were good cooperative team players…see the towers below!

Picture 1



Newborns, Life Savers & Busy Streets


Lots of busy pupils this week and some lovely work being produced. We have also had some good news that Mrs Barton-Harvey had a baby girl on 17th January and both are well. I think some of you may have missed my message on the first week back this term explaining that Mat the school nurse would be leaving his NHS position as a school nurse. We will be interviewing with our NHS colleagues for a replacement school nurse next week. Many of you may have heard of the Anthony Nolan charity which matches  individuals willing to donate their blood stem cells or bone marrow to people with blood cancer and blood disorders who need lifesaving transplants (www.anthonynolan.org). Ben (a member of staff at our Redmoor base) has been found to be a match and will be donating bone marrow in the next few weeks. It is a great thing that Ben is doing and we wish him well.


Onto more mundane matters unfortunately we are still receiving complaints from neighbours in Middlefield Lane and Middlefield Close about cars, taxis and parking. I know space is very difficult but please make sure if you do collect your child by car that you do not block any driveways or park near junctions or on the double yellow lines etc  - this will also help us to keep our pupils safe – thank you.


Busy times in the freezing cold


We have had a busy and successful week. Key Stage 2 English stream with Miss Davey have
been presenting their news reports about water with great confidence and some good ideas
being shared by the pupils. All of them were excellent. At upper some wonderful sensory work
‘on a desert island’ to link in with the book ‘Lord of the Flies’ which all the
students are learning about at very different levels...the students loved it. At Redmoor base I
heard some fantastic facts about William the Conqueror and the pupils were starting to investi-
gate old English currency and the value of coins (it made me feel a bit old!).
Yesterday evening was our Employability evening at upper when Euan, one of the current
interns, and ex pupil/intern Matthew spoke about their experiences (and now paid
employment for Matthew) at National Grid. So lots of learning and it has been a pleasure to
see our pupils enjoying school so much and hear all about their different experiences. 


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to you all.


I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weeks. The pupils have been very enthusiastic telling us all about their presents or holidays. There have been some very lucky people! I have seen some super work already throughout the school and I am looking forward to seeing what the new year can bring. This term we welcome a new colleague, Russell who will be covering part time in 3CM replacing
Tina Barton Harvey who is on maternity leave. Sadly, this week we say goodbye to Mat the school nurse, he will no longer be a full time school nurse but hopes to keep some casual work links with the school which we are very glad about as he has become a popular member of the school community. We will still have our own health team and have access to a school nurse so please keep contacting us.We will be interviewing with the NHS for a replacement in late January.



Countdown to Christmas


Congratulations to our new choir from upper school. The choir have so far performed at Hinckley Methodist Church on Tuesday evening and the Wykin Club on Wednesday. They have more engagements booked next week! The choir led by Kathryn, Sally-Ann and supported by Emma and many other staff has grown from a few pupils to a large group of great performers including Amy T, Megan M and John B (who frequently have solo parts to perform) James M, Robbie S, Laura S, Morgan B, Joseph A, Liam M, Dougie B, Daisy C, Kalum B, Millie S, Angel H, Morgan B, Emma-Louis M, Dickie T, Robbie S, Harry C, Rhiannon H and Cameron S. The performances so far have been impeccable and the pupils have been amazing with their enthusiasm and rhythm as well as some beautiful voices. Parents and members of our local community have thoroughly enjoyed the events so far. I am sure their agent will take bookings for the New year! The DIY and Multi Skills group were continuing to work on their bird boxes today and it was good to see how pupils were able to set up their work areas independently. Lewis C was happy to tell a new pupil joining the group that he knows how to use drills safely. 


Here is a reminder of some key dates and times coming up:


Tuesday 15th December

10:15am KS1 performance

1:30pm KS2 performance

School Choir at Tudor Road Care Home


Wednesday 16th December

Christmas Service

KS3 and Upper Christmas dinner


Thursday 17th  December

KS1 and 2 Christmas dinner followed by Santa

School Choir at the Limes Care Home


Friday 18th December

Coffee Morning  and farmers market Upper Site


Wednesday 6th January 2016


Students return to school





Shakespeare in Schools - The Curve November 19th 2015


Lots of wonderful news from yesterday the Shakespeare performers  did exceptionally well and what stood out the most was the level of independence and the confidence in how they performed on the stage. The pupils worked collaboratively to ensure that everyone could complete their role and the mastering of the Shakespearean language was superb. A big thank you to all  staff and especially to Lauren for all of her work with the pupils to get the piece ready and in ensuring that it was a visual performance which allowed everyone to show their skills. The Shakespeare in schools team leader spoke about ‘individual performances, great storytelling, that everyone had a presence on stage and the wonderful teamwork. He said it was an 'uplifting' start to the night’ We should all be proud of what our pupils have achieved.






Volunteers from National Grid


During Half Term holidays 20 or so volunteers from nearby National Grid came to help us decorate the outside fences and the quiet rooms.


They did a fantastic job over the 3 days despite the best efforts of the lovely British weather and the tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo. It is so pleasing to see the space where our children play looking far more attractive and colourful, there are now clearer boundaries for those children with visual impairment and I look forward to seeing the children’s reaction on Monday morning.


On Wednesday BBC Radio Leicester came to visit the school and to talk to Katherine Lightbown from Leicestershire Cares and I about the challenge. You can take a listen to the whole interview below.

BBC Radio Leicester Interview


National Grid Interns


Last Friday I went to the launch of the employability scheme at National Grid in Hinckley. It was a great pleasure to see three of our students as three of their first 6 interns. Matthew, George and Beth  are all enjoying the experience so far, although I hear the daily getting up and ready for work in a business environment  is quite a challenge. The staff at National Grid are keen to continue and develop our links with them and we will be meeting with them soon to look at more ways of collaborating.


National Grid Employability Press Release

Picture 1
Picture 1

June 2014


As I approach the end of my first year as headteacher of Dorothy Goodman School, all schools are poised to make decisions about what they teach as the Government’s new curriculum is introduced in September 2014. Our school is no exception but we need to hold on to some key principles.


Our school community needs to be forward looking and self-critical to ensure we develop provision to the next levels of success and excellence. An aspirational culture and ethos needs to inform all aspects of our school’s work so that all our children and young people develop the following personal qualities:


Confidence and courage (able to try new things and knowing it is alright to make mistakes)





Enthusiasm for learning


We need to make sure our children and young people have the following experiences and opportunities:

Choices because they have achieved well

Respect and acceptance by others

Awareness of being valued and listened to

Enjoyment of learning (fun)

Equality of opportunities with others

Challenge and motivation

Safety and security

Feeling cared for

Known as a whole person not a diagnosis



Our staff have agreed that we need to ensure we use consistent approaches and make sure our communication is clear. To take things forward we need to be brave and

Risk more that others think is necessary

Care more than others think is wise

Dream more than others think is practical

Expect more than others think is possible


When we look back at our work we will ask ourselves: what do we do? What difference this makes for our children and young people? And how could we do things better?


Our main focus over the last year has been to sustain the excellent quality of provision which has existed in the school for so many years and to plan for the future. If we stick to these principles and uphold these values into the future we will ensure our children and young people receive the very best education for many years to come.


Janet Thompson