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About Dorothy Goodman

Dorothy Goodman School is an outstanding all age (3 to 19 years) special school serving the Leicester, Leicestershire & warwickshire area with 270 pupils on roll. Our pupils have a wide variety of special educational needs and disabilities including pupils with profound and multiple learning disabilities, severe learning difficulties, moderate difficulties and those with Autism. Some pupils also have significant social, emotional and mental health difficulties associated with their learning difficulties.


In recognition of the diversity of our pupils our curriculum is offered across six sites. Two main sites – the upper school for pupils aged 14-19 years and the lower school for pupils aged between 3 – 14 years.. In addition there are three inclusive satellite bases located on the sites of local mainstream schools: Richmond Primary School (KS 1/2), Redmoor Academy (KS 3), Hinckley Academy and John Cleveland Sixth Form Centre (KS 4/5) and Hinckley and Warwickshire College (KS 4/5). 




Class Groups


Pupils are grouped according to age, although there is some flexibility depending upon our annual intake. The groups are as follows:


Lower School (Stoke Road):      3 -14 year-old students


There are 7 classes


Our Base at Richmond Primary School

         There are 4 classes


Our Base at Redmoor Academy      

There are 2 classes


Upper School (Middlefield Lane): 14 - 19 year-old students

        There are  6 classesOur Base at Hinckley Academy

        and John Cleveland Sixth Form Centre                                                        

         There are 2 classes


All classes divide into appropriate groups for part of their work, and sometimes we work across class groups to ensure the best provision.


Lower School

         School Facilities Lower School

The School now operates on five sites, and has a number of specialist facilities, as follows:


Lower School  (3 – 14 year old pupils)


Sensory Room: This room is used to help develop a range of responses form pupils. It is also used to teach children how to use switches to make things happen. The room can be used to set up different environments and different levels of control. It is a great facility for developing pupils' awareness of cause and effect and their communication. 


Softplay Room: 

This room is particularly suited to younger pupils and helps their motor co-ordination enormously. It contains all kinds of modules, including a Ball Pool, which is a great favourite. Softplay can also be used for the intensive interaction work which many pupils with autism need.





Individual Work Rooms: All classes have their own individual work room.


 Medical Room: This is available to pupils as required.


Hydrotherapy Pool:  An excellent facility, available to all pupils of the school who ne
ed to access it. Has a Sound and Light Switch system.








Music Room: Used both for Music and for Music interaction/intervention











Therapy Room: Specialised room for individual therapy assessments and work programmes:  Physiotherapy; Occupational Therapy;  Speech Therapy.



Library: Equipped with a full range of books – fiction, non-fiction and other reading materials.











Cookery Room: Specialist cookery area.



Upper School

School Facilities Upper School Site


Upper School  (14 – 19 year old students)


Overall this site has a more grown-up ethos, and the furnishings etc. are much more appropriate to this age group. It has something of a “College” feel to it.


Sensory Suite:  A similar facility to the Lower School but occupying two rooms. Contains items specifically suited to the needs of older students. It includes a room for Physiotherapy work to be   carried out.


Cookery Room:  A key area for older pupils, and a room that is used to promote vital life skills.


Individual Work Rooms: We have workrooms that can be used by individual pupils or by small groups to work at specific aspects of their individual education plan.


Library:  Equipped with a range of books more suited to older learners, including fiction, non-fiction,  books and magazines as well as other reading materials.


Computer Suite:     We have an ICT Suite, which means that ICT can be taught as a specialist subject to our older students.


Medical Room: This is available to pupils as required.            


The Bungalow: This is situated on Ashby Road and is particularly suitable for students to work at life skills such as cooking, household tasks, gardening etc.


Recreation Areas:  The Upper Site has two outdoor recreation areas.


School Minibus:  Available for curriculum outings and residential trips.


Student Common Room: The older students use this area for relaxation and talking with their friends.  There is also a small kitchen where they can make their own drinks.




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